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9 Things you need to know about Canon’s epic new 1D X MkIII

Canon’s new flagship camera has landed and it’s amazing…

The waiting is over as Canon has finally pulled the covers (officially) off the 1D X Mk III – the brand’s new flagship camera. As is the way, most of the rumours and leaks about specifications were right, but others were wide of the mark, so let’s run through the nine most important things you need to know about this headline-grabbing camera….

One – Resolution

So, one thing that may surprise a lot of photographers is that the resolution hasn’t leapt up – in fact it remains at 20-megapixels like the 1D X MkII. However, that doesn’t tell the full story as the full-frame sensor is an all-new design, which has been paired with a new High Detail Low-Pass Filter to improve image quality.

Check out pro photographers using the 1D X MkIII…

Two – Fresh processor engine

The 1D X Mk IIIis a very powerful camera, which means it needs an advanced processor and this comes in the shape of the brand new DIGIC X Image Processor. Having such a powerful engine on board helps the camera hand its advanced AF system, along with the drive mode, but it also enables the 1DX Mark III to offer a vast ISO range of 100-102400; which is expandable to 50-819200. Canon says the DIGIC X is capable of up to approximately 3.1 times the image processing and 380 times Dual CMOS AF processing performance compared to the dual DIGIC 6+ found in the 1D X Mark II.

Three – Advanced AF system
Talking of that new autofocus system, Canon has completely overhauled the AF for the 1D X MkIII. While the older MkII offered 61-points, the new Mk III serves up a 191-point optical viewfinder AF system capable of tracking the subject’s head, and face using Deep Learning Technology. What’s more, 155 of the points are the more sensitive cross-type and Canon has also redesigned the AF sensor, incorporating a new square pixel design which essentially makes the AF sensor 28x higher resolution at the center area.

Four – Epic speed

The 1D X MkIII is a sports and wildlife camera so it’s great to hear that it’s super fast. In fact, the new flagship Canon offers burst modes of 16 frames per second when using the optical viewfinder or up to 20 frames per second (in RAW or JPEG) when using the Live View mode. That should be enough to capture every split-second moment.

Check out the video quality of the 1D X MkIII…

Five – Huge buffer

The Canon 1DX Mark III features dual memory card slots that use CFExpress cards, enabling the speedy transfer of stills and video to the cards. The big buffer also allows for extended burst rates and the new Canon can capture over 1000 images in one burst.

Six – Spectacular video specs

Today’s professional photographers need great video specs to accompany stills features and the 1D X Mk III doesn’t disappoint, offering the ability to internally record 5.5K RAW video and uncropped 4K 60p derived from the original 5.5K readout in Canon Log with 10-bit 4:2:2. Canon Log. The 1D X Mk III also shoots 4K and 1080p video files with up to 12 stops of High Dynamic Range and there’s an HDMI port to transfer 4K 60p to another device for display or external recording.

The 1D X MkIII is built around a tough alloy shell.

Seven – Rugged and durable

As you’d expect, the 1D X Mk III has been built to perform in the harshest of environments and is built around a tough magnesium alloy body that offers protection from dust and moisture. Despite these features, the Mk III isn’t overly heavy, tipping the scales at 1250g.

Eight – Get connected

The 1D X Mk III is built for the sort of professionals you see track side at stadiums, which means they have to transfer images fast. The new Canon features built-in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS technology and can also connect to a stadium’s ethernet system via a port. What’s more there’s an optional Wireless File Transmitter WFT-E9 accessory to expand your image transfer options.


Watch Canon explain the AF performance of the 1D X MkIII…

Nine – Price and release date

As you’d expect, flagship cameras of this statue don’t come cheap and the 1D X MkIII carries a price-tag of $6,499/£6,499. The camera is due to be available from mid-February.