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You can now use Canon lenses on your Nikon Z camera!

New Techart adaptor helps widen optic-choice for Nikon mirrorless photographers…

When Nikon launched the Nikon Z 6 and Z 7cameras – the brand’s first-ever full-frame mirrorless bodies – there was a lot to be happy about. Decent resolution, plenty of features and capable video specs ticked many boxes, but even with the launch of the ground-breaking 58mm f/0.95 NOCT lens, the choice for Nikon Z photographers could still use some improvement.

Of course, Nikon photographers who still have a bag full of F-mount glass are sorted thanks to Nikon’s FTZ adaptor, but now Techart have widened that choice even further by releasing the TZC-01 – an adaptor that enables Canon EF lenses to be used on the full-frame Nikon Z mirrorless cameras.

What’s more, the TZC-01 adaptor is so advanced it allows the Auto Focus & Auto Aperture functions of EF-mount lenses to still be used when paired with the Nikon Z 6/ Z 7 cameras. Plus, the Face & Eye Detection autofocus features of the Z 6/Z 7 will still work when the adaptor is used, too.

The TZC-01 isn’t limited to using just Canon-branded lenses on the Z 6 / Z 7 cameras as the adaptor also supports third-party EF lenses from brands including Tamron, Tokina, Zeiss and Sigma’s acclaimed Art series lenses too – further widening your choice of optics to pair with the Z 6 / Z 7 .

The Techart TZC-01 adapter also offers an element of future-proofing as the accessory comes with a lens dock to enable firmware upgrades. Just connect the dock to your Mac or PC via a Micro USB cable and update via the Techart app.

Techart have good pedigree in this area and have already launched an adaptor to enable Sony E-mount lenses to be used with Nikon Z full-frame bodies. The new TZC-01 Canon EF-Nikon to Z adaptor is available now and comes with a price-tag of $250.