Watch Nikon Torture the D850 to Prove it’s Ultra Tough

Nikon’s durability tests show exactly how tough this DSLR is in the field...

Manufacturers use the term ‘weather resistant’ a lot these days, but few go to the same lengths that Nikon stepped up to in a quest to make sure its awesome D850camera was tough enough to survive out on location during extreme weather conditions.

Whoops! Nikon pulled out all the stops to test the D850.

Nikon Asia recently released a cool video that shows part of the testing regime the popular full-frame DSLR undertook to prove its weather sealing and weather resistant credentials. In the footage the D850 is placed inside industrial machine to prove it can operate in intense humidity, along with being blasted with a dusty sand residue to make sure not a single particle gets inside the sensor chamber.

Watch the video above…

The video states that the D850’s quoted operating range is between the temperatures of 0-40-degrees, but that the design ensures it can be used in even more extreme conditions. For example, photographers can use the camera in the rain for extended periods of time without worry about any moisture getting inside the body.

The weather-sealing means the D850 can be used in the rain.

Nikon’s video also shows how the D850 easily stands up to drop, impact and vibration tests with Nikon designers explaining the benefits of the camera’s tough magnesium alloy body. With cameras dropped on the floor, covered in sand and generally abused, this video is enough to make purists weep, but it’s great to see a manufacturer go to the next level to ensure its DSLRs won’t fail in the field.

Industrial machines tested the camera’s ability to perform in humid settings.