Nikon D750 Fast Shutter Speed Crashes Camera

An error on the Nikon D750 is preventing photographers from getting their shots.

The latest problem for the camera occurs when you turn it on and immediately try to shoot using a high shutter speed—1/4000s for example. The camera then displays an error message, locking the shutter and effectively disabling the camera.

Turning the camera off and back on again can sometimes resolve the issue, but if that doesn’t work you have to remove the battery. This causes the camera to reset and clears the error message.

Previously Nikon forced to issue a service advisory to D750 owners offering to repair units that experienced issues with flare in certain lighting conditions. There were also problems with malfunctioning shutters causing shadows on parts of the image.

This new error is a real letdown for D750 owners. It is unclear how many D750’s are affected by this issue. If you can replicate this problem on your camera, let us know on Facebook or in the comments below.