DJI’s Mini 3 Pro is small, light and absolutely epic

DJI’s latest drone punches well above its 249g weight and offers cutting edge features…

Although the internet was full of leaks and rumours, DJI has finally officially pulled the covers off its latest lightweight drone. The Mini 3 Pro is somewhat of a conundrum, weighing next to nothing yet packing impressive pro-spec features that you would normally expect to see on much more expensive models.

The DJI Mini 3 Pro is built around a 1/1.3-inch CMOS camera sensor and boasts  dual native ISO, which DJI points out is a capturing technology previously only available on cinema and some micro single cameras. The lens offers an aperture of f/1.7 and is capable of capturing images at up to 48MP. What’s more, the Mini 3 Pro tips the scales at 249g; an important figure as it thus escapes some flying restrictions depending on what territory you live in.

Along with the stills specifications, the Mini 3 Pro will excite videographers and is capable of capturing footage at 4K/60fps – thus allowing videographers to use this high resolution footage at half-speed for a slow motion effect. DJI says that, to help capture high-quality easy-to-upload content, the camera rotates 90 degrees for True Vertical Shooting, creating incredible photos and videos in portrait orientation without quality-cutting image zooming and cropping.

DJI introduces the Mini 3 Pro

Staying with video quality, the Mini 3 Pro enables HDR video to be recorded and is available at frame rates up to 30fps. A Normal color profile is available for quick in-app editing, while D-Cinelike allows for more post-editing possibilities. Videographers can take advantage of the digital video zoom feature and up to 2x is available in 4K, 3x in 2.7K, and 4x in Full HD. 

DJI points out that one of the key pieces of user feedback it received and acted upon was that the Mini 3 Pro has improved image performance with 2.4μm pixels that capture more image detail, which is especially helpful in low lighting and night.

Other features include a jaw-dropping maximum flight of 34 minutes on a standard battery and a whopping 47 minutes using the Intelligent Flight Battery Plus while the Mini 3 Pro features the O3 transmission system, which delivers a 1080p live view from a distance as far as 12 km. Also present are the DJI flight modes such as Helix, Rocket, Circle and Boomerang.