Zhiyun’s Crane M3 gimbal features a built-in LED

Tiny gimbal is the size of a bottle of water but can hold a full-frame mirrorless camera…

More and more gimbals are arriving on the scene as content creators look for ways to capture smooth video footage that brings a professional edge to their Vlogs or movies. Well, now there’s a new gimbal that brings an added extra to the party and it’s called the Zhiyun Crane M3.

The 3-axis gimbal is small in size – in fact it’s the same size as a 550ml bottle of water, but can hold full-frame mirrorless cameras like the Sony a7 and weighs just 700g in the hand. There’s also a battery capacity that can offer up to eight hours run time on a single charge. 

However, it’s the presence of a clever accessory that has really caught the headlines as the Crane M3 features a built-in LED. The 800 lumen LED fill light, which Zhiyun says is  powered uniquely from heat generated by the gimbal, is perfect for providing fill-in light  to illuminate subjects when presenting close to the camera in low light conditions, which is sure to interest vloggers or even news shooters who want to use the gimbal to conduct interviews and the colour temperature range stretches from 2600K to 5400K.

Zhiyun introduces the Crane M3 gimbal…

The impressive features continue with a 1.22”, full-colour, touch-sensitive LCD screen to help the user make adjustments and select from the various modes on offer from the Crane M3, such as portrait, vortex mode and go-mode. Joining the LCD is a joystick and control wheel to allow the videographer to control the gimbal and use it one handed.

The tiny gimbal can also be used to provide stabilisation to smartphones and with built-in Bluetooth the Crane M3 can pair with Bluetooth-enabled camera to start/stop recording remotely and the M3 features Zhiyun’s Transmount quick-release plate so the camera can be added or removed from the gimbal quickly, cutting down set-up time, which will also be great news for Vloggers who often have to work quickly.

Measuring just 280mm x 74mm x 157mm, the M3 really is one of the smallest gimbal options available today and, with the built-in LED covering light, the Pro version of the M3 has Vloggers covered for sound too as the kit comes with TransMount Shotgun Microphone, which can be connected to the camera to record enhanced audio as you film.