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9 Spectacular images that fuse history with art

Winning images from the Historic Photographer of the Year contest will open your eyes…

Photography is about capturing a moment in time, but some subjects are older than others and the very best of these images have been recognised via the Historic Photographer of the Year contest. The UK-based contest features imagery captured around the world and despite the challenges photographers have faced over the last 12 months, the standard of shots is superbly high.

This year’s overall winner was announced as Steve Liddiard for his spellbinding shot of the Whiteford Point Lighthouse in the Gower Peninsula, south Wales. 

Image by Steve Liddiard / Historic Photographer of the Year

The Historic England category was won by Sam Binding’s atmospheric view of the iconic Clifton Suspension Bridge, captured during a misty sunrise. Sam used a DJI drone to capture the aerial image, offering a fresh perspective of the well known location.

Image by Sam Binding / Historic Photographer of the Year

The Where History Happened category run in partnership with television channel Sky HISTORY went to Iain McCallum for his fascinating picture of the wrecks of the Wastdale H and Arkendale H which tragically collided in the River Severn in October 1960.

Image by Iain McCallum / Historic Photographer of the Year

A stunning entry that was shortlisted in the competition was this striking architectural frame, which was captured by a photographer named Alastair. The location is Brazil’s Oscar Niemeyer museum and the frame is an excellent example of leading lines.

Image by Alastair / Historic Photographer of the Year

In another shortlisted entry, this serene view captured by Andrew McCaren shows the famous MV Western Belle, a vessel built in 1935 that is still used to ferry passengers over Ullswater in the UK’s Lake District. The image shows the power of reflections in an image.

Image by Andrew McCaren / Historic Photographer of the Year

One of the most unusual images from the competition was this entry by Graham Harries, who’s astronomical photo captured the night sky above Pripyat, Chernobyl – the site of the Ukrainian nuclear disaster in April 1986.

Image by Graham Harries / Historic Photographer of the Year

One of the most intense and mood-filled frames was this ethereal image by Guy Sargent. The image, entitled ‘HMS Belfast’ shows the historic Navy ship moored on the banks of London’s River Thames.

Image by Guy Sargent / Historic Photographer of the Year

Another shortlisted entry that combined history, landscape and astrophotography was this epic frame from Ukrainian photographer Yevhen Samuchenko. The image was captured in Iceland and the subject is the remains of a 1973 US Navy aircraft that crashed.

Image by Yevhen Samuchenko / Historic Photographer of the Year

Lastly, this beautiful landscape entry in the shortlisted category was captured by Kayleigh Blair and shows the historic remains of Hadrians Wall, which is in Northumberland, UK. The area has featured in a number of movies, including the Kevin Costner blockbuster Robin Hood: Price Of Thieves.

Image by Kayleigh Blair / Historic Photographer of the Year