Fuji takes the INSTAX to the max

An instant camera with a 3-inch LCD? That’ll be the Fuji INSTAX MINI EVO...

Sometimes you don’t want to wait to get a print in your hands and this is why the instant camera has survived and thrived even in the digital age. Fuji has led the charge and has now released a new device with a difference, which fuses digital technology with the DNA of an instant camera that’ll offer the best of both worlds and it’s called the MINI EVO.

With compact dimensions, the MINI EVO offers Instant camera fans plenty of creative opportunity as two dials enable users to pick from 10 different lens effects including vignette, soft focus, blur, fish-eye, colour shift, light leak and mirror, while the separate dial cycles through 10 film effects, such as vivid, pale, canvas, monochrome, sepia and retro. 10 x10 means there are 100 different possible combinations for users to select from.

As you’d expect, the MINI EVO wears Fuji’s classic retro-chic design and at the heart of the camera is a 1/5-inch CMOS sensor with primary colour filter and this can capture images measuring 2560 x 1920 pixels. Images can of course be printed but also stored on the internal memory (which will hold around 45 shots) or on a Micro SD card, with around 850 images fitting on a 1GB card.

The 28mm lens features an f/2 aperture and can focus from 10cm to infinity, making it easy to use for snapshots of landscapes or group portraits and the MNI EVO even features a built-in flash with a range of 50cm to 1.5m and the camera tips the scales at just 285g, which is lighter than some smartphones.

Fuji introduces the MINI EVO…

The built-in Lithium battery takes between two and three hours to charge and can fire out up to 100 prints on a single charge. Images can be composed using the 3.0-inch TFT colour LCD, which offers a resolution of 460,000 dots and the print feature is actually activated by a lever in a cool nod to the retro styling.

With Bluetooth technology, the MINI EVO can even pair with a smartphone, enabling the photographer to send a photo from their device to the camera to make a print. Remote shooting is also possible with the MINI EVO, enabling the user to trigger the shutter by simply tapping the screen on their smartphone. The Fuji INSTAX MINI EVO is expected to start shipping from February.