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DJI’s Action 2 is a 4K 120p modular monster

DJI take things to the next level thanks to this clever rethinking of the action camera…

If you were thinking the DJI Action 2 is just an upgraded version of the brand’s first action camera effort (the DJI Osmo Action), then it’s time to think again, because DJI’s latest offering is something a whole lot more special. Breaking free from the typical shape of action cameras, the Action 2 brings a whole new level of versatility to content creators who want a robust camera they can take everywhere.

Tipping the scales at a mind-blowing 56 grams, the camera is of course dustproof, waterproof and drop proof, but it’s the way the camera can be used that’s really different. Thanks to a magnetic coupling system, the main camera can be paired with a choice of modular accessories – from an extra battery pack, to a pack that includes a forward facing LCD.

The main camera unit also includes a 1.76-inch OLED touchscreen and the camera is compatible with DJI’s popular free companion app, DJI Mimo. DJI has also spent a lot of time upgrading the internals because the Action 2 features a 1/1.7-inch sensor that enables users to record video at high quality –  up to 4K/120fps. This means you can use this footage to create epic, high-resolution slow motion sequences.

DJI introduces the Action 2…

Footage can also be captured at a super-wide 155° field of view and this will come in particularly useful when recording extreme sports such as skateboarding or surfing with the Action 2 mounted. Speaking of mounting the camera, the Action 2 can be used in a protective housing, but it can also be worn by the user thanks to an innovative magnetic pendant.

If you are diving in off the deep end, the Action 2 features a newly-implemented Colour Temperature Sensor, which helps the camera restore colour tones in complex lighting conditions and underwater recording for more natural results. The Action 2 also packs in DJI’s impressive RockSteady 2.0 Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) technology and the HorizonSteady feature will maintain a level frame throughout your filming.

The battery capacity of the Action 2 comes out as up to 70 minutes on its own, 160 minutes when connected with the Front Touchscreen Module, and 180 minutes with the power module though you can of course charge the batteries up on the go via the USB-C connection. Along with the 4K 120p video mode, the Action 2 can also shoot 240p in Full HD for 8x slow motion sequences and can also livestream content at 1080p/30p. The QuickClip mode enables users to capture 10, 15, or 30-second videos – useful for social media and there are Hyperlapse and Timelapse features too.

Stills can be captured as 12-megapixel JPEGs or RAW files and there is an innovative zoom option (4x zoom for stills and 2x zoom for video), making composing scenes that much easier. The amount of accessories is mind-blowing, but include a floating handle (perfect for surfers), a macro lens attachment and a remote control retention rod. Available now, prices for the DJI Action 2 start at £349.