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GoPro Hero10 Black; flagship action camera gets some super speedy upgrades

Faster frame rates and more megapixels for GoPro’s newest action camera…

GoPro has launched the Hero10 Black, the brand’s newest flagship action camera and this time around, photographers and videographers are going to enjoy a big upgrade to features and functions with an emphasis on speed and processing power.

First up is that processor unit and GoPro explains that the new GP2 processor delivers twice the performance over the GP1, which was found on the older GoPro Hero9 Black. This is a handy addition as it will help the device deliver some insane frame rates. For example, that GP2 processor means the Hero10 Black can capture ultra high-resolution 5.3K video at 60p – double the frame rate of its predecessor.

What’s more, the Hero10 Black can also shoot 4K at 120p – up from 60p on the Hero 9 Black and if you choose to select 2.7K, the Hero10 Black can shoot at 240p – up from 120 on the older unit. For fans of slow motion sequences, 8x slow motion can be captured to produce some epic slowed down footage.

GoPro introduces the Hero10 Black…

But it’s not just the video specifications that have been beefed up as stills specs gets some improvement too – in fact, the Hero10 Black can capture up to 23-megapixels stills in JPEG or RAW format, which is an increase from the 20-megapixels offered by the Hero9 Black. The device also enables users to capture 19.6-megapixel frame grabs from 5K 4:3 video or 15.8-megapixel grabs from 5.3K footage.

The speed upgrades continue, with up to 30% faster Wi-Fi for quicker transfer of content to smart devices and a new wired offload option that’s up to 50% faster than wireless. GoPro says the Hero10 Black even boots up faster and also offers a more responsive touch interface.

Also new is an upgrade to the stabilisation. While the Hero9 Black offers HyperSmooth 3.0, the Hero10 Black quite literally goes one further and introduces HyperSmooth 4.0 to keep video steady and smooth, which is particularly important if you are trying to capture footage of an extreme sport.

Check out what HyperSmooth 4.0 can bring to your footage…

Other features of the GoPro Hero10 Black include a new lens cover that’s more scratch resistant and reduces ghosting, a webcam mode that will broadcast Full HD video with a 132-degree field of view and the ability to Live Stream footage while operating with that new HyperSmooth 4.0 technology. The Hero10 Black is also compatible with GoPro’s modular accessories such as the Max Lens mode, which will give a 155-degree field of view and the Media mod, which features a built-in directional mic and HDMI out port.