9 High and mighty drone photos

Winning shots from the Siena Drone Photo awards are on a whole higher level…

Drone photography is thriving, so it’s no surprise more and more people are entering their work in drone-specific photo contests, which is also great news for aficionados of aerial imagery. The latest contest to announce its winners is the Siena Drone Photo awards and the winning images are absolutely astonishing. The contest received thousands of submissions from 102 different countries and the winning shots will be showcased in the “Above Us Only Sky” exhibition, scheduled in Siena from October 23rd to December 5th on as part of the Siena Awards festival dedicated to the visual arts.

This year’s Overall Winner award went to Norwegian photographer Terje Kolaas for an image entitled; ‘ Pink-Footed Geese Meeting the Winter’. The spectacular frame was shot in central Norway and portrays geese flying towards Svalbard, in the Arctic, with the landscape still covered with snow. 

Image by Terje Kolaas / Siena Drone Awards

First place in the Urban category was won by the photo titled “Metaphorical Statement About City and Winter,” which was captured by Russian photographer Sergei Poletaev. Sergei’s incredible image shows an old monastery near Moscow with a large power plant in the background to juxtapose the two environments.

Image by Sergei Poletaev / Siena Drone Awards

First place in the Wildlife category was claimed by Oman photographer Qasim Al Farsi for a jaw-dropping aerial image entitled; “Back to Adventure,”. The clever frame shows a green turtle ready to return to the water after laying its eggs on the coast of Oman, between Ras Al Jinz and Rashad turtle reserve.

Image by Qasim Al Farsi / Siena Drone Awards

The winner of the Sport category was announced as Australian photographer Phil De Glanville, who took the honour for a adrenaline-soaked frame entitled ‘Gold at the End of the Rainbow’ which captures a striking rainbow above surfer Ollie Henry struggling with a frightening wave.

Image by Phil De Glanville / Siena Drone Awards

The power of the aerial image was evident in Vietnamese photographer Trung Pham Hu’s winning frame which took First Place in the People category. Entitled; ‘Fishing in Mangrove Forest’, the frame captures a fisherman who begins his working day in the mangrove forest of the Tam Giang lagoon, in a white winter atmosphere.

Image by Trung Pham Hu / Siena Drone Awards

First place in the Nature category was awarded to American photographer Martin Sanchez for a mesmerising frame entitled; “Extragalactic.” The photo was captured in Iceland and shows the eruption of a volcano from above, offering a seldom-seen view of the interior of the crater.

Image by Martin Sanchez / Siena Drone Awards

Winner of the hotly contested Abstract category was Romanian photographer Gheorghe Popa won first place for a spectacular frame entitled; ‘Poisoned River’. The image actually shows a natural disaster produced by chemical waste generated by the mining of copper and gold in the Apuseni mountains in Transylvania.

Image by Gheorghe Popa / Siena Drone Awards

First place in the Wedding category went to Italian photographer Matteo Original for his graceful frame entitled “Towards the Infinite Together with You,” which was captured on the Tuscan coast.

Image by Matteo Original / Siena Drone Awards

Highly Commended in the Wildlife category was this eye-catching frame by Talib Almarri. Entitled; ‘Hippopotamus group from above’ the well composed scene shows a gaggle of adult Hippopotamus, with a baby Hippopotamus in the centre of the frame.

Image by Talib Almarri / Siena Drone Awards