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The OM5 is DJI’s coolest-ever smartphone gimbal

New extension rod and ActiveTrack 4.0 unlocks the full potential of this clever smartphone gimbal…

DJI is well known for this range of market-leading drones, the brand also does a great job of making gimbals as well and the newest model to hit the shelves is the OM5, which takes over from the OM5. Designed to help smartphone users capture super steady footage, the latest version brings a number of important improvements.

The OM5 is is smaller and lighter than any of its predecessors from the OM (Osmo Mobile) series but the biggest headline about the OM5 will undoubtedly be the inclusion of an extension rod, which will allow users to shoot from further away, thus capturing a wider angle, which will be incredibly useful to Vloggers who wish to present to the camera.

DJI introduces the OM5…

In fact, the three-axis OM5 is ​​one-third smaller than its predecessor and also features a new phone clamp as DJI explains; ‘A newly designed clamp that goes over the smartphone’s case  provides better protection and is compatible with even more smartphone models than its predecessor.’

Along with the new hardware, there’s plenty of software features to get excited about too, including DJI’s new ShotGuides feature, which provides up to 30 sets of pre-set shooting tutorials and supports automatic editing into one polished video. What’s more, the OM5 includes DJI’s newly updated ActiveTrack 4.0 technology, DJI explains now supports tracking at up to 3x zoom at 5 m/s, and precisely identifies and steadily follows the subject centered in frame, even while in action.

Meanwhile, existing OM4 users will be familiar with other image capture features such as Time/Motionlapse and Panoramas, where the device shoots multiple stills to combine into one wide image. Other semi-automatic features include Dynamic Zoom, to replicate the Hitchcock effect and what DJI is calling Glamour Effects, which support automatic retouching.

The fun doesn’t have to stop there though as there’s also a very clever new accessory to help users get more from their OM5. Along with a grip tripod and wrist strap, users can pair the OM5 with a new Fill Light Phone Clamp, which is a magnetic clamp with a built-in auxiliary light – again a perfect add-on for Vloggers who capture content on their smartphones.

Available in two finish options (Sunset White and Athens Grey), the OM5 will cost is available now with a price-tag of 139 GBP/ from 159 EUR and the Fill Light Phone Clamp comes in at 42 GBP/49 EUR.