This 50mm f/1.2 lens will cost you less than £100

Low-cost and wide aperture, TTArtisan’s APS-C 50mm F1.2 is now available in Nikon Z and Leica L mounts, as well as Canon, Sony, Fujifilm and MFT

In an age where 50mm lenses seem to be forever increasing in size and cost, it’s nice to see someone bucking the trend. Say hello then, to the TTArtisan APS-C 50mm F1.2. Available since the start of the year in Canon EF-M, Sony E, Fujifilm X, and Micro FourThirds mounts, it now comes in Nikon Z and Leica L fit, too. 

As the name strongly hints, it’s an APS-C lens, and therefore principally aimed at users of crop-sensor mirrorless bodies like Canon’s EOS M6 Mark II, Sony’s A6600, Fujifilm’s X-E4, Olympus’s E-M10 Mark III, Panasonic’s GF9, and now Nikon’s Z50 and Leica’s TL2. 

With the APS-C crop factor applied, it’ll give a full-frame equivalent 75mm view, and when mounted on an MFT camera, its a 100mm equivalent.

Talking of full frame, the ‘APS-C’ in the name doesn’t mean you can’t fit this lens to a 35mm format camera, so long as it shares the same mount as its APS-C brethren. For instance, fit the lens to a Nikon Z 7II or Sony A7R IV and the camera’s automatic crop mode should kick in, cutting out the hard vignette of the lens’s smaller image circle. Use those hi-res cameras and you’ll still end up with big, highly detailed files. 

It’s a fully manual lens, but of course the mirrorless bodies it’s designed for make short work of any handling doubts, with real-time exposure info through the EVF and focus peaking to help you get the subject sharp via manual focusing. It has a construction of seven elements in five groups and uses a 10-blade aperture diaphragm. 

This fast-aperture standard lens should be a nice fit for all sorts of subjects from portraits and still-life to food photography, travel and low-light projects. It has a minimum focusing distance of 50cm. As well as stills, the wide aperture makes an attractive choice for video, though the manual aperture ring is ‘clicked’, so shouldn’t be changed while filming, ideally. It’ll take 52mm filters, and you may want to pick up an ND if you’re planning on using it wide open in full daylight. The minimum aperture is f/16.

Small and light, the TTArtisan APS-C 50mm F1.2 measures 60x62mm and weighs 336g. It’s not weather sealed, but remember it’s $98. Yeah, $98!