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Sigma’s fp L is a tiny camera that serves up 61-megapixels

The fp range offers the world’s smallest and lightest full-frame mirrorless cameras…

Sigma has pulled the covers off the fp L – an L mount version of the original fp and this model features a number of important improvements that will allow this tiny camera to make a big impact on photography.

So what’s new with the fp L? Well, the new features can be divided up into four main categories so let’s start with the sensor, which is a newly developed, back-illuminated 61MP full-frame Bayer sensor. Sigma explains that; ‘Thanks to the sensor’s very high resolution – the highest ever on a SIGMA camera – the decision was taken to add a low-pass filter, which makes a further contribution to optical performance by reducing the effects of moiré.’

The new sensor also enables a new feature called Crop Zoom, allows users to crop in to an image and still have more than enough resolution for their needs. Crop Zoom works in both the fp L’s STILL and CINE modes, and videographers will be pleased to hear that they’ll be able to retain great quality when zoomed in on scenes. Sigma explains that; ‘Crop Zoom is intuitive to use too; it’s possible to simply pinch and zoom on the LCD touch screen. This feature makes the camera a much more flexible tool, especially if shooting with a limited number of prime lenses.’

Sigma’s FP L also improves on autofocus thanks to a hybrid system that employs both contrast and phase-detection for a faster and more accurate operation, particularly when tracking subjects. This will again be of interest to videographers who need to lock on to different subjects while filming footage.

The last main upgrade is more practical but will be crucial to those photographers who shoot for long periods – for example, shooting ultra-long exposures as the fp L supports USB charging when the camera is in use. Hook it up to a power bank and you won’t have to worry about running out of power again.

The creative opportunities with the fp L are obvious as many photographers now want a full-frame sensor camera without compromising on weight and the fp L tips the scales at 427g (including battery and memory card), which is only 5g heavier than the original Sigma fp.

The Sigma fp L is of course a modular camera and photographers can choose to add accessories such as an optional Electronic Viewfinder. Available from mid-April, the Sigma fp will be priced from $2499 / £1999 (body only).

Optional viewfinder.