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Insta360’s GO 2 is a small action camera that’s big on features

Tiny, magnetic and waterproof; the GO 2 could be your new daily vlogging camera…

Insta360 has pulled the covers off its latest camera, but this time there’s no 360 photography on offer. Instead, the GO 2 is a tiny (and we mean really tiny) action camera that boasts a number of cool features that will be sure to turn the heads of Vloggers, looking to open new creative doors.

The GO 2 – a replacement for the GO 1- tips the scales at just 26.5g (yep, you read that right), measures only 52.9 x 23.6 x 20.7mm and offers Vloggers the ability to shoot video up to 2560×1440 resolution at 50p, along with 120p at Full HD to create slow motion footage.

The f/2.2 lens is wide at 11mm (35mm equivalent) and along with the various video modes (including timelapse, HDR and Timeshift), the GO 2 also benefits from Insta360’s FlowState stabilisation technology, which aims to keep footage super steady.

Meet the tiny GO 2…

If you love stills as well as video, you’ll be interested to hear the GO 2 can shoot DNG files measuring 2560×2560 pixels, but it’s the way the GO 2 mounts that makes it really special. The back of the GO 2 is magnetised, allowing it to clip on to metallic objects, including a number of innovative accessories, such as a pendant that the user wears around their neck, enabling the camera to be clipped on to the front of clothing for a hands-free first-person view of a scene.

Other accessories include mounts that can be worn by dogs/cats and others that can be attached to a sports helmet or a pivot stand. In the box you’ll also find a clever carry case that also serves as an additional battery, charging the GO 2 when the camera is placed inside the case. The case will power up the camera in just 30 minutes and will give the GO 2 an operating time of 150 minutes, with the case also transforming into a tripod stand too.

As you’d expect, the GO 2 links up to Insta360’s app to allow users to control the camera remotely and to quickly transfer images and video so they can be uploaded and shared in the field. The small size and weight of the GO 2 will be sure to open up new creative doors to content creators and the camera is even IPX8-rated, meaning it is waterproof up to four metres (13 feet).

For those who love to stand out from the crowd, Insta360 has also made a range of cool custom skins with individual designs that’ll enable you to decorate your GO 2 and other option accessories includes a ND filter kit to help balance exposures. The Insta360 GO 2 is priced at £294 for the standalone kit, but there are also bundle kits depending on which additional mounts you want to add to your set-up.