Pull into the fast lane with these amazing automotive images

Check out these high octane winning shots from the International Automotive Photography awards…

Automotive photography is one of the hardest genres to master as photographers battle light, fast moving subjects and weather, but when done right, the images can be absolutely breath-taking. So, if you are a fan of car photography then you’re sure to be interested in the winning images from the International Automotive Photography awards. 

The new annual competition received entries from a whopping 47 different countries and was open to both amateur and professional automotive photographers. Supported by Nikon, the overall and category winners each netted a Z50 camera twin lens kit as a prize and 2020’s grand title went to California-based photographer Ben Sager for this epic image of a Porsche with a breath-taking backdrop.

Image by Ben Sager / IAP

The winner of the Atmosphere category was declared as Serbian-based photographer Milos Niko, who netted the title for this highly evocative portrait that shows excellent use of complementary colours.

Image by Milos Niko / IAP

Jayson Fong, a photographer based out of the UK but originally from Australia, was named as the winner of the Beauty category for the amazing frame of a deconstructed Porsche 911 Carrera RSR Turbo.

Image by Jayson Fong / IAP

First Place in the Motorsport award went to a jaw-dropping frame from Romain Thuillier. The French photographer, who specialises in capturing rally photography, captured this epic frame at sunrise during the World Rally in Turkey.

Image by Romain Thuillier / IAP

Igor Sinitson, who is based out of Luxembourg, was named as the winner of the Car Spotter category, for this impressive capture that fuses travel and automotive photography. Captured in Hong Kong when Igor was travelling, the frame was shot on a Pentax K10D and shows a Lamborghini Diablo SV.

Image by Igor Sinitson / IAP

Porsches are popular with automotive photographers and another example made an appearance in Keith Sheahan’s frame, which was selected as the winner of the Phone category. 

Image by Keith Sheahan / IAP

Showing there is plenty future talent coming through, there was a strong winner of the Under 18 category in the shape of Casper van Rooij’s winning frame. The image shows a Ferrari gracing the streets of Casper’s native Amsterdam and the black and white treatment works superbly.

Image by Casper van Rooij / IAP