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This Leica is made with Kevlar and ready for battle

Leica's M10-P range gets tough with the limited edition Reporter model...

Lots of cameras these days can boost that they are weatherproof, and feature seals to prevent moisture or dust entering the camera, making them suitable for use in harsh conditions. Leica however has taken things to the next level with the release of the M10-P Reporter, a limited edition version of the camera that is ready for battle.

As a quick reminder, the M10-P is a small, 24-megapixel full-frame rangefinder-style mirrorless camera that is already hugely popular with street photographers and reportage-style photojournalists and the camera is distinctive, both inside and out with the classic retro-chic Leica styling and features such as a vast ISO range of 100-50000, enabling photographs to work handheld in low light conditions.

The limited edition Reporter model kicks things up a gear or two and sees the introduction of what Leica call ‘a particularly scratch-resistant finish and Kevlar camera trim’. Of course, Kevlar is a synthetic fibre frequently used in the production of ballistic protective clothing and adds an additional layer of protection for photographers working in unfriendly environments.

In fact, Leica says that; ‘through exposure to natural UV rays, the camera’s body armour will gradually turn the same colour as its top and base plate.’ What’s more, the Kevlar does more than simply make the M10-P look even cool as the armour’s diamond-weave texture makes the Leica M10-P “Reporter” especially grippy and comfortable to hold.

Photographers will see that all of the camera’s engravings are inlaid in light green, rather than the usual white on a standard M10-P for a more discreet effect and if you are into camera collecting, it’s worth noting that this really is a limited edition model, with Leica explaining that only 450 units of the Leica M10-P “Reporter” being made available worldwide.

As you’d expect from a limited edition series, the Leica M10-P Reporter carries a premium price-tag and is on sale now for $8,795 / £7,100