Insta360’s new ONE X2 camera can shoot 5.7K 360 video

Compact and waterproof design means you can take this stabilised camera anywhere…

Insta360 has grown a pedigree for producing feature-packed 360-cameras and with the release of the ONE X2, it looks like the brand has just hit another home run. Despite packing some serious specifications, the X2 is small enough to fit in your pocket (weighing just 149g) and is sure to be a hit with immersive content creators.

The headline feature is of course the ONE X2’s ability to film 5.7K 360-degree movies, enabling filmmakers to show the whole scene – which is particularly popular with Youtubers who can use the platform to make the most out of the immersive media that allows you to capture the whole scene and then frame up at a later date.

Check out what the Insta360 X2 can capture…

A 6-axis steady-cam mode ultilises one of the dual-lenses to enable stabilised footage, which is particularly useful if you are filming on the move or trying to capture fast-action motion and uses Insta360’s FlowState Stabilization technology.

Another reason the ONE X2 will be extremely popular with content creators is that you can use a selfie stick accessory to film yourself from a distance and this stick will disappear in the final footage. An additional useful accessory to pair with the X2 is the Bullet Time Tripod Handle, which as the name suggests will help you capture rotating bullet-time footage.

Capture bullet time footage with the accessory handle.

Time can be controlled with ultra slow-motion and timelapse modes and users can lock the horizon to create a more (FPV) First Person View of the scene, which works well with fast motion footage. When it comes to audio, the Insta360 X2 features 360-audio from four mics around the body of the compact camera.

Despite its travel-friendly and compact build, the ONE X2 is surprisingly robust and features a IPX8 waterproof rating, meaning it can survive depths up to 10 metres (33 feet) below the surface, which will enable underwater shots galore.

Other features include an HDR mode, voice activation, GPS stats, the ability to shoot RAW stills images and the ability to capture panoramas with one tap. What’s more, the X2 features a 55% boost in battery life over the original Insta360 X ONE camera that it replaces. Available now, the Insta360 can be bought with various bundles with prices starting from $429/£429.