Get quick and speedy stabilisation with the DJI Osmo Mobile 4

New magnetic holder system evolves the smartphone gimbal even further…

DJI has plenty of pedigree when it comes to launching gimbals for your smartphone and the brand looks to have hit another home run with the Osmo Mobile 4, which sees the handheld 3-axis gimbal system evolve by adding a magnetic holder for your phone so it can be clipped into place quickly.

Along with the new quick-snap system, which should help users speed up operation so you don’t miss a shot, there’s a bunch of other improvements and upgrades, including a boost to the battery life, which sees the Osmo Mobile 4 be capable of running for up to 15 hours on a single charge – plus the ability to extend this by adding a powerbank for on-the-go charging and use.

Say hello to the DJI Osmo Mobile 4…

DJI has also upgraded the motors used in the Osmo Mobile 4, which still retains the folding design so it can be a compact and lightweight option for Vloggers and film-makers, and these new motors support more weight than previous versions of the Osmo Mobile. Infact, the Osmo Mobile 4 can carry up to 230g – and this is despite the Osmo Mobile 4 tipping the scales at just 390g, making it a lightweight option for Vloggers.

The Osmo Mobile gains Gesture Control, so users can start filming from a remote distance away from the smartphone and is fully compatible with DJI’s popular free Mimo app. Also new is the Active Track 3.0 mode which includes face-detection and also a Dynamic Zoom, which brings a cinematic-style zoom option to your smartphone video creations.

Creative photographers will also find plenty to interest them with the CloneMe Panoramic feature, which fires off multiple images, allowing the users to switch positions and appear multiple times in the final composite frame. Lastly on the new modes is a feature called SpinShot, which rotates the smartphone as you film to produce a truly mind-bending video sequence to add high production-values to your movie creations.

The Osmo Mobile 4 also retains the popular Story Mode Templates feature that enables users to choose from one of the preset templates to merge files together using cool transitions and adds music as if the clips were edited using video software. Available now, the Osmo Mobile 4 carries a price-tag of £139.