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Less is more with these jaw-dropping minimalist images

Winning photos from the 2020 Minimalist Photography Awards will make you rethink composition…

As the saying goes; the simplest photos are the best and this advice is taken to its fullest in the winning images from the 2020 Minimalist Photography awards. The 2020 edition of the awards saw more than 4,000 entries from photographers hailing from 42 countries and the contest aims to ‘recognize, reward and expose talented photographers all around the world and introduce them to the professional photography industry.’

The winners of the contest will have their images exhibited at the exhibition in Galerie Minimal in Berlin, Germany along with appearing in the annual book. This year’s title went to Australian photographer, George Byrne who, along with the title of minimalist photographer of the year 2020, also bagged a $2,000 cash prize for his collection of images, entitled; ‘Exit Vision’.

Images by George Byrne / Minimalist Photography Awards

Taking first place in the Aerial category was an image by Roberto Corinaldesi. Entitled; ‘Sur la mer’, the image shows a collection of surfers and swimmers surrounded by the incoming waves.

Image by Roberto Corinaldesi / Minimalist Photography Awards

Claiming first place in the Architecture category was Dev Kulkarni, who took top spot for a series of images entitled; ‘Abandoned structures on Prairies’. As the name suggests the series of photos show a selection of abandoned structures on prairies in Canada.

Image by Dev Kulkarni / Minimalist Photography Awards

In the hotly contested Landscape category, this black & white frame from Holger Nimtz was named as the First Place pick. Entitled; ‘Light and Shadow’, the simple composition is striking.

Images by Holger Nimtz / Minimalist Photography awards

Second Place in the Landscape category was awarded to Roland Krämer for a series of images entitled; ‘Whiteout’ that show an excellent use of leading lines and powerful composition.

Image by Roland Krämer / Minimalist Photography Awards

You may not think minimalism pairs well with portraiture, but Vicky Martin proved the two can combine perfectly as she won First Place in the Portrait category for a series of images entitled; ‘Selfhood’.

Image by Vicky Martin / Minimalist Photography Awards

The Street category produced a stunning First Place winner in the shape of Santiago Martinez de Septien for this excellent frame entitled; ‘Coronavirus confinement’. The photographer explains the story behind the image and that it was taken during the lockdown in Spain.

Image by Santiago Martinez de Septien / Minimalist Photography Awards

Winning First Place in the Long Exposure category of the Minimalist Photography awards was Max Morawski, who took top spot with a toned image entitled; ‘Basking in the sunshine of a bygone afternoon’.

Image by Max Morawski / Minimalist Photography Awards

Taking Second Place in the Long Exposure category was Matteo Pagnoni, who placed thanks to this haunting frame, entitled ‘Creepy’ showing a barn owl, which was captured using the combination of a long exposure and flash lighting.

Image by Matteo Pagnoni / Minimalist Photography Awards