Olympus’ E-M10 MkIV is a small but powerful mirrorless

Latest incarnation of the popular MFT camera brings new features to photographers…

Olympus isn’t done yet and to prove that, the popular brand has released the E-M10 MkIV – the latest incarnation of the E-M10 which is the smallest and lightest model from the OM-D range that pairs with Micro Four-Thirds lenses.

Despite the body weighing just 383g (about the same as a typically bottle of water), the E-M10 MkIV packs a huge amount of features into the tiny body, including Olympus’ acclaimed 5-axis IBIS (in Body Image Stabilisation) technology that delivers up to 4.5-stops of compensation and is built around a 20.3-megapixel Four-Thirds Live MOS sensor that is paired with the ТruеРіс VІІІ Рrосеѕѕіng Еngіnе.

Olympus introduces the E-M10 MIV….

A flip-down touch-sensitive LCD and a dedicated ‘selfie mode’ will help users capture perfect self-portraits, but for what’s often deemed a beginner camera, the E-M10- MkIV does also include some more advanced features, including an autofocus system that see improvements to the Continuous focus over the E-M10 MkIII and features Face and Eye-detection autofocus technology.

Sample image taken with the E-M10 MkIV / Image by Martina Govindra / Olympus.

The features continue with a USB connection for on-the-go charging and a lightning fast maximum burst rate of 15 frames per second (FPS) which will appeal to those wishing to capture actions sequences such as sports and wildlife scenes. What’s more, the E-M10 MkIV’s wildlife photography credentials are further enhanced by the silent shooting mode which will prevent the camera from making noise and scarring potential subjects.

Along with these advanced features, there’s plenty for beginners too, including an Auto mode that applies camera selected setting based on the scene, a dedicated Scene mode to match the photo situation for the best settings and plenty of Art Filters that enable photographers to get creative in-camera using filters such as Pop Art, Soft Focus and Instant Film.

Sample image taken with the E-M10 MkIV / Image by Martina Govindra / Olympus.

Along with the stills features, the E-M10 MkIV has plenty to offer for video fans too, including being able to capture ultra high-quality 4K footage up to 30p, along with Full HD up to 60p. The E-M10 MkIV also offers users the ability to shoot timelapse and slow motion movies as well as being able to employ the Art Filters for movie footage too. Users can even pull JPEGs from 4K footage, which is handy when filming fast-paced moments.

The E-M10 range has always been attractive to Bloggers and the Wi-Fi/Bluetooth connectivity features allow for content to be transferred to a smart device quickly via the  OI.Share app with the app enabling users to adjust settings remotely too – useful when shooting a group portrait for example.

With a price-tag of £699.99. The E-M10 MkIV will be available from mid-August and Olympus are also offer the camera in a kit with the М.Zuіkо Dіgіtаl ЕD 14-42mm f3.5-5.6 ЕZ lеnѕ, which features a minimum fосuѕіng dіѕtаnсе оf 20сm.