Leica unveils the S3; a 64-MP medium format camera that shoots 4K video

New Leica model also features 15-stops of dynamic range and follows up on the legendary S2…

Leica boasts an impressive pedigree in the camera world and now the brand has released its latest model, the S3, which is a medium format camera offering 64-megapixels, a big jump forward in resolution to the 37-MP S2 it replaces.

Leica introduces the new S3.

Crafted for professional use, the S3 features a whopping 15-stops of dynamic range, and is capable for shooting in low light conditions thanks to a maximum ISO ceiling of ISO 50000. With dimensions of 30 x 45 millimetres, it corresponds to the classic 3:2 aspect ratio of the 35 mm full-frame format, but offers a 56 percent larger sensor area.

At the heart of the S3 is a  Leica Maestro II processor and a 2 GB buffer memory, which helps handle the large file sizes. Images can be captured in JPEG or RAW DNG file formats and the S3 can be used tethered via the Leica Image Shuttle app.

Along with GPS technology, the 3-inch LCD features robust Corning Gorilla Glass and the lens mount is made from solid stainless steel. The S3 features weather seals make the camera resistant to moisture and dust. When used in Live View, the S3’s LCD offers a refresh rate of up to 60 fps.

Along with the stills specifications, the new Leica also packs plenty of video features, too. In fact, the new S3 improves on the older S2 by capturing Cine 4K movie footage at 24p using the whole width of the sensor or users can choose to shoot Full HD at 30p. Enhanced audio can be captured via the use of an external microphone.

Other features include a top burst speed of 3FPS (this isn’t an action camera) and a central shutter design that enables a max flash sync speed of 1/1000sec. Available to order now, the Leica S3 carries a serious price-tag of $19,000.