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Canon confirms the R5; five things you need to know

Canon has confirmed development of its most advanced full-frame mirrorless to date…

After a whirlwind of rumours, Canon has officially confirmed a new flagship full-frame mirrorless camera, named the EOS R5 is on its way. This is big news so here’s five things you need to know about this game-changing camera…

One – 8K video

One of the biggest criticisms of late towards Canon cameras has been the limited video options. Well, this is set to change as Canon has confirmed the new EOS R5 will be able to capture 8K footage. Offering this ultra high-resolution video mode will be sure to excite film-makers looking for excellent quality in a small handheld body.

Check out the new EOS R5…

Two – Serious speed

While there’s no word on the exact resolution sensor to be featured in the R5, Canon has confirmed some of the speed specs, which could in turn give us an idea about whether the R5 is intended to be a speed king or a more all round professional tool. In fact, the EOS R5 can shoot 12fps using the mechanical shutter and 20fps via the electronic shutter. This is a big leap forward from the 8fps offered by the EOS R.

The EOS R5 will offer a much faster burst rate than the original EOS R.

Three – IBIS, finally!

Wait…what?! IBIS in a full-frame Canon mirrorless camera? That’s right, the EOS R5 will become the first Canon full-frame mirrorless to offer In Body Image Stabilisation, enabling photographers to achieve sharp images in low light conditions. Hopefully this will prove a turning point for Canon’s approach to IBIS and we’ll start seeing this feature in the rest of the new cameras expected to launch this year.

EOS R5 users can also snap up the new RF 24-105mm lens.

Four – Dual card slots and connectivity

Make no mistake, the EOS R5 is set to be an important tool for professional image and movie makers. As such, it’s great news to hear Canon confirm that the EOS R5 will feature dual card slots – remember, the EOS R and EOS RP only feature a single SD card slot. What’s more, Canon has explained the EOS R5 will support the automatic transfer of image files from the device to the new cloud platform, extending connectivity options for users.

Canon also announced two incoming extenders.

Five – More lenses

Photographers picking up the new EOS R5 will also have a wider range of native RF lenses to use with the new full-frame mirrorless. In fact, Canon also announced the RF 24-105mm F4-7.1 IS STM and the brand is developing a total of nine RF lenses scheduled for release in 2020, including the RF 100-500mm F4.5-7.1 L IS USM and two RF extenders (RF 1.4x and RF 2x) to increase the focal range of your RF lenses.