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Canon to shock with R5/R6?

New rumoured mirrorless models could be game-changers…

It’s fair to say that Canon were a little late to the mirrorless party, but if recent rumours are true, it looks like the popular brand are about to make up for lost time. Remember, it wasn’t until late 2018 that Canon released its first-ever full-frame mirrorless model – the 30-MP EOS R, which was joined a few months later by the more entry-level model, the 24-MP EOS RP.

Canon’s new full-frame mirrorless bodies could be game-changers.

Since then though, Canon has committed to mirrorless, adding impressive models to its M-mount range of crop-sensor cameras, such as the M6 Mark II, and also developing some excellent lenses for the full-frame RF mount.

But recent rumours suggest things are ramping up even further, with talk that not one, but two new full-frame mirrorless bodies are on their way. Of course, it’s always worth taking rumours with a pinch of salt, but if reports posted on photo website turn out to be true, these new models could prove to be huge game-changers.

Canon’s 32MP M6 Mark II sured up the brand’s crop-sensor mirrorless range .

Dubbed the EOS R5 and EOS R6, rumours websites have posted suggested specifications that make for excellent reading. First, let’s start with the EOS R5, which rumour sites suggest is the more advanced of the two bodies. A resolution figure of 45-MP has been reported, but it’s the addition of IBIS (In Body Image Stabilisation) technology and video specification that has really caught the headlines.

In fact, websites are suggesting the EOS R5 will shoot both 8K @ 30p and 4K @ 120p. These video specs would be hugely appealing to aspiring film-makers, looking to capture amazing quality footage on a lightweight camera.

Meanwhile, rumours suggest the EOS R6 could feature a 20-MP full-frame sensor and also offer IBIS – a feature missing from both the EOS R and EOS RP. What’s more, reports suggest the R6 could offer a speedy burst rate of 12fps (frames per second) with a mechanical shutter or up to 20 fps using an electronic shutter.

The Canon 1D X Mark III is sure to feature at the Olympics.

While there’s no confirmed information on pricing or release dates, rumour websites suggest the more advanced EOS R5 is likely to be released first, possible as soon as February, while the EOS R5 is likely to follow a few months later. If this is true, it would mean Canon would not only have the newly-released 1D X Mark IIIready for the Tokyo Olympus, but also two mirrorless bodies that look set to be true hybrid marvels that appear capable of producing very professional-level video footage, too.