Dive into the year’s best ocean photography…

Winning shots from the Ocean Art Underwater Photography competition will flood you with inspiration…

Ocean and underwater photography are possible some of the most challenging genres in image-making. However, professionals employing great technique can capture spectacular scenes. The Ocean Art Underwater Photography Competition recognises these talents and now the awards, in its 8th year, has published its winners.

Taking the top honour and Best of Show title this time around was photographer Greg Lecoeur for a jaw-dropping image entitled, ‘Crab-Eater Seal’ which shows the intrepid seal maneuvering quickly through freezing waters under Antarctic ice. The image was captured using a Nikon D500 paired with a Tokina 10-17mm fisheye lens.

Image by Greg Lecoeur/Ocean Art Underwater Photography

Other winners included Nicolas More, who took First Place in the Wide Angle category for an image entitled ‘A blur of Sweetlips’. The UK based photographer used a Nikon D500 to capture the fascinating scene.

Image by Nicolas More/Ocean Art Underwater Photography

Top spot in the Macro category went to Stefano Cerbai for an image entitled, ‘Radiography’. The close up image captured the form of a seahorse swimming in Puerto Galera in the Philippines and was captured using a Nikon D7200 paired with a 105mm macro lens.

Image by Stefano Cerbai/Ocean Art Underwater Photography

In the closely fought Marine Life category, Paula Vianna was awarded First Place for her image, entitled ‘A friendly ride’, which was taken using a Canon 5D MkIII paired with a 16-35mm lens. The image captures two rays off the Queensland coast in Australia.

Image by Paula Vianna/Ocean Art Underwater Photography

First Place in the portrait category was claimed by Virginia Salzedo for an image entitled ‘Gaspare. The image was captured using a Nikon D500 camera during a night dive near Puglia, Italy.

Image by Virginia Salzedo/Ocean Art Underwater Photography

The Blackwater category attracted some amazing submissions with ‘Snaketooth Swallower’ by Fabien Michenet taking First Place. Shot with a Nikon D810, the shows a juvenile Snaketooth deepsea swallower in the waters off Tahiti Island, French Polynesia.

Image by Fabien Michenet/Ocean Art Underwater Photography

Another excellent image from the Wide Angle category was this ‘half and half’ photo captured by Taeyup Kim. Entitled ‘Paradise’, the image shows Tamakohua pass in  French Polynesia and was captured using a Nikon D850.

Image by Taeyup Kim/Ocean Art Underwater Photography

Placing Second in the Underwater Art category was this jaw-dropping scene from Enrico Somogyi. Entitled Hairy at Sunrise’, the photographer used a Panasonic LX100 camera to capture the hairy frogfish in the waters off Indonesia.

Image by Enrico Somogyi/Ocean Art Underwater Photography