Has Leica Made The Best Looking Camera Of The Year?

Special ‘Ghost Edition’ Leica M10-P is a true work of art…

2019 has seen a huge amount of cameras come to market and, it’s fair to say, some models look better than others. While the most important thing must always be the quality of the image, holding a camera that looks good too makes photography a more pleasurable experience.

Th Leica M10-P is sheer luxury.

Well, although leaving it late, it looks like Leica have won the crown of the year’s best-looking camera with the launch of a very cool special edition version of the M10-P – Leica’s 24-megapixel full-frame rangefinder.

The famous red dot is missing from this special edition Leica.

Named the ‘Ghost Edition’, the special edition has been produced in partnership with horology destination Hodinkee and its founder, CEO Ben Clymer. The latest Leica is about as minimalist and chic as a camera can get and what’s more, the Ghost Edition M10-P is incredibly exclusive, with Leica limiting the run to just 250 cameras.

Finished entirely in matte gray with white and silver accents, the cool Ghost Edition sticks true to the M10-P ethos of discretion, and omits the famous red Leica badge to avoid drawing attention to the photographer.

The Ghost Edition is finished in matte gray.

The top and bottom plates of the Ghost Edition and the Summilux-M 35mm f/1.4 ASPH lens are also coated with a matte gray paint with white enamel-filled engravings, and the body is covered in a gray cowhide leather. Make no mistake, this Leica is one for the purists who appreciate the impressive design work and the luxury is completed with a rugged gray rope strap with genuine Italian vegetable-tanned black leather accents.

Check out those slick engravings.

So, how much will the Leica M10-P Ghost Edition and Summilux-M 35mm f/1.4 ASPH lens hurt your wallet? Well, in the US, the price has been set at $14,995! How’s that for a cool Christmas present!