Go Wide Or Go Home!

Get ready for the winning images from the 2019 Epson International Pano awards…

Panoramas enable photographers to communicate the bigger picture to viewers, to capture vast scenes and to show locations in a whole new way. And, the pinnacle of panorama photo contests is the Epson International Pano awards, which this year is celebrating its tenth anniversary. 2019’s competition saw 4913 submissions from 1258 photographers in 72 countries.

This year’s competition also saw the first female winner with Australian photographer Mieke Boynton taking the top honour for an image entitled ‘Dragonfly’, which was captured in Iceland. Mieke commented; ‘‘I travelled to Iceland last year and chartered a Cessna 207 to photograph the spectacular “braided rivers”. As the mighty glaciers travel down the mountains, they grind up the rock underneath, and as the melted water fans out across the river deltas, these suspended rock particles cause a slight milkiness to the water. The colours alter according to the presence of different elements and minerals such as sulphur and iron, and the endless variations are absolutely breathtaking. It wasn’t until later that I saw the firebreathing dragon in the photo, but now that I’ve seen it, I can’t see anything else! Nature is truly an artist.’

Image by Mieke Boynton/Epson International Pano awards

Taking the Runner-up title in the 2019 Open competition was Abdulla Al-Mushaifri from Qatar. Abdulla’s amazing pano showcases Qatar’s National Museum.

Image by Abdulla Al-Mushaifri/ Epson International Pano awards

Taking the overall winner title in the 2019 Amateur was Spanish photographer Carlos F. Turienzo, who claimed the honour for an image entitled ‘Waterfall’, which was captured in Lofoten, Norway. Carlos commented; ‘Photographed during a beautiful sunset – the result of 7 vertical stitched images. In my travels I always try to visit less known places like this beautiful waterfall and it really was worthwhile, in fact I went again one night and I managed to capture it with northern lights, but that is another story.’

Image by Carlos F. Turienzo/ Epson International Pano awards

Runner up in the 2019 Amateur competition was announced as Austrian photographer Daniel Trippolt for a stunning low light pano entitled ‘Milky Way’ over the Grossglockner High Alpine Road in Austria.

Image by Daniel Trippolt/ Epson International Pano awards

Also placing in the 2019 Amateur competition was Brian Hopper for this fine-art frame of Valencia’s opera house.

Image by Brian Hopper/Epson International Pano awards

Another jaw-dropping frame from the 2019 Amateur competition was Australian photographer Chandra Bong’s mood-filled frame that shows the Three Towers Torres Del Paine in Chile.

Image by Chandra Bong/ Epson International Pano awards

Picking up top honour in the Digital Art category (as well as coming Runner-Up in the Open Nature category was Mark Gray, who claimed the titles for an image entitled; ‘Enchantment’ which was captured inside a glacier in Iceland.

Image by Mark Gray/ Epson International Pano awards