Fuji’s X-Pro3 Has Landed; Here’s What You Need To Know…

The 26-megapixel mirrorless is a work of art; check out the headline features…

The Fuji X-Pro3, one of 2019’s most highly-anticipated cameras, has been officially launched and the tiny compact looks set to be a game-changer. Here’s what you need to know about Fuji’s latest model…

Say hello to the Fuji X-Pro3

One – Super-tough body
The retro-chic design of the X-Pro3 is backed up by some serious build-quality. The top and base plate are made from titanium, which Fuji explain is seven times more durable than stainless steel, despite being little more than half the density. What’s more, the DR Silver and DR Black editions of the X-Pro3 use cold plasma technology for a scratch-resistant finish. In short, it’s built to last.

The latest X-Pro model is tougher than ever.

Two – New sensor
Improving on the 24-MP sensor from the X-Pro2, the X-Pro3 uses the 26.1MP X-TRANS CMOS 4 sensor and the X-Processor 4 image processing engine – Fuji fans will remember this combination was first seen in the FujiX-T3/X-T30 cameras.

Check out that retro-chic design…

Three – Low-light capabilities

The X-Pro3 will be of huge interest to street photographers so it’s no surprise that Fuji have improved the low-light shooting capabilities for the new model. In fact, the X-Pro3 features a phase detection autofocus system that now works down to a luminance of -6EV; which is close to absolute darkness. 

A street photographer’s dream, the X-Pro3 can focus in low light.

Four – Yes, that hidden LCD
As rumoured, the X-Pro3 doesn’t have a typical LCD, but instead opts for a hidden flip-down screen. With a resolution of 1.62M-dot, the 180-degree flip down screen should help photographers focus on their composition, rather than reply on an LCD or be preoccupied with reviewing images.

The flip-down LCD is hidden away.

Five – New viewfinder technology 

Another rumour that turned out to be bang on the money was the X-Pro3’s viewfinder set-up as the new model features an optical viewfinder (OVF) uses a 0.5x magnification, plus an OLED Electronic Viewfinder (EVF) that boasts 3.69M-dot resolution.

Small and slim, the X-Pro3 also features a hybrid viewfinder.

Six – New in-camera options

Along with the existing Film Simulation modes, the X-Pro3 offers two new options. Fuji’s CLASSIC Neg. and MONOCHROMATIC Color Film Simulation modes make their debut, giving photographers more opportunity to be creative in-camera.

Seven – Pro movie features

While the X-Pro3 may not be the first camera you turn to when making a movie, the tiny body does pack some useful features. In fact, the X-Pro3 can shoot 4K video footage at 30p, and this includes Fuji’s F-Log profile so you have further opportunity to grade footage back at the computer.

The impressive Fuji X-Pro3 can even shoot 4K video.

Eight – Price and release date

Expected to start shipping from late November, the Fuji X-Pro3 will be priced from $1,799/£1699.