9 Things You Need To Know About The Olympus E-M5 MkIII

The latest OM-D model has landed, here’s the lowdown…

Olympus celebrated the brand’s 100th anniversary by launching the new E-M5 MkIII – the latest addition to the popular OM-D line of Micro Four-Thirds mount cameras that offer great features and retro-chic design. Here’s what you need to know about the new model…

One – More megapixels

Olympus have crammed in the megapixels and the MkIII sees a jump in resolution over the 16-MP E-M5 MkII it replaces. In fact, the new MkIII offers photographers 20.4-megapixels – more than enough resolution to make prints up to A3 in size. The new sensor is backed up by Olympus’ latest TruePic VIII processor unit.

The E-M5 MkIII offers the same resolution as the E-M1 MkII.

Two – Better stabilisation

Olympus is well known for its IBIS (In Body Image Stabilisation) system and the E-M5 MkIII sees an upgrade to this area, too. IBIS can help keep shots sharp and the MkIII offers up to 6.5-stops of compensation – perfect when shooting in low light conditions that could otherwise introduce shake to the frame.

Say hello to the E-M5 MkIII…

Three – Enhanced AF

Instead of the 81-point system found on the older E-M5 MkII, the new MkIII boasts a 121-point system. What’s more, all of these points are the more sensitive cross type on-chip Phase Detection design. More AF points should lead to more accurate focusing – especially important when tracking moving subjects, like those found in wildlife and sports photography situations.

Four – Speedy shooting

Unlike the MkII version, the E-M5 MkIII offers Olympus’ Silent Sequential and Pro Capture high burst modes, which enables up to 30 frames per second (FPS) to be captured. This will obviously be of interest to action photographers, but wedding shooters will also be pleased to hear about the silent shooting feature, which will enable them to capture images without distracting subjects.

Don’t worry about the rain, the E-M5 MkIII is weather resistant.

Five – High resolution

Also new to the E-M5 MkIII is Olympus’ 50-megapixel High Resolution mode as the previous model only offered 40-megapixels. This feature allows photographers to shoot and merge multiple images into one super-high resolution frame.

Six – Even lighter

One of the most popular aspects of Olympus’ O-MD cameras is their portable dimensions and the MkIII is no different. In fact, Olympus have somehow found a way to make the MkIII even lighter than its predecessor, as it tips the scales at just 414g (with single SD card and battery) and measures only 125x85x49mm.

The lightweight dimensions make the MkIII perfect for travel photography.

Seven – Superior video

While the MkII was limited to Full HD video, the new MkIII goes a lot further, enabling aspiring filmmakers to shoot Cinema 4K footage at 24p, Full HD up to 60p and also offers a Full HD 120p fast frame mode to help you create epic slow motion sequences. What’s more, there’s a port for an external microphone so enhanced audio can be captured to make your movies even better.

Shooting 4K video, the E-M5 MkIII would be good for Vloggers.

Eight – Extra features

The E-M5 MkIII is stacked with features, including a Focus Bracketing mode that can capture up to 999 shots with a single shutter activation, 16 Art Filters to help you get creative in-camera, a focus stacking feature and a Live Composite mode for long exposure work. The LCD is fully articulated and there is a max shutter speed of 1/8000sec.

Nine – Price and release date

Available in two colour designs (black and silver), the Olympus OM-D E-M5 MkIII is expected to ship from late November and will be priced at $1,119/£1099 (body only).