Sigma Unveils No Fewer Than 10 Classic Prime Cine Lenses

Sigma has unveiled a set of 10 new lenses for PL-mount cine cameras, but rather than being able to buy them individually, they will only be available as a complete set. The FF Classic Prime Line comprises focal lengths from 14mm to 135mm with most optics featuring a T2.5 maximum aperture; the only exceptions being the 14mm and 135mm, which are both T3.2.

At first glance, it may seem as though Sigma’s cine lens designers have been burning the midnight oil to create 10 new lenses but, in reality, the Classic Prime Line uses the same design as Sigma’s High Speed Prime Line of lenses, but the coatings are different to create a more vintage look to footage. A number of the optical elements have, in fact, been left uncoated to create a combination of low contrast along with artistic flare and ghosting in an image. Other elements have a newly developed coating to further enhance this overall look and ensure the lenses are durable.

The newly developed coating further enhances this overall look and ensures the lenses are durable.

In all other respects, the lenses are the same as the High Speed Prime Line. Internally, they feature nine rounded diaphragm blades, have an image circle diameter of 43.3mm and an illumination circle diameter over 46.3mm, so they provide ample coverage for FF cameras. They are also compatible with Cooke’s /i Technology protocol, a feature which will also be added to the High Speed Prime Line before the end of the year, with the company also looking into giving customers the opportunity to return existing optics for an upgrade. 

It will be sold only as a set of 10 primes.

The full Classic Prime Line comprises: 14mm T3.2, 20mm T2.5, 24mm T2.5, 28mm T2.5, 35mm T2.5, 40mm T2.5, 50mm T2.5, 85mm T2.5, 105mm T2.5 and 135mm T3.2. The complete set will be available by the end of 2019.