Check out the world’s first pinhole zoom lens


Pinhole photography is associated with the past, but now photographers can bring this technique into the digital world thanks to a new lens that has just been launched on Kickstarter.

The Pinhole Pro X is the world’s first zoom pinhole lens.

The Pinhole Pro X is the world’s first-ever pinhole zoom lens and builds on the success of Pinhole Pro’s existing range of pinhole lenses for DSLR and mirrorless cameras. The zoom pinhole lens comes in a 40-60mm focal length range for DSLR fitments (Canon EF, Nikon F and Pentax K), while the mirrorless version features a 18-36mm focal length range and includes Sony E, Fuji X and Micro Four-Thirds fitments.

The lens is available in a range of fitments.

Developed ‘specifically for video production and art photography’, each lens is cut from a single piece of aviation-grade aluminium and features a 0.25mm pinhole aperture. The 18-36mm zoom range offers users a 2x magnification zoom, enabling compositions to be quickly adjusted.

The Pro X joins two other lenses int he Thingyfy’s pinhole lens family.

The Pinhole Pro X weighs in at just 153g for the DSLR fitment version and only 110g for the mirrorless fitment version.

The pinhole build gives video and imagery a unique, retro feel with the most minimal of kit and offers a stylised look that’s often seen in music videos. In fact, Thingyfy, the company behind Pinhole Pro X, even shared some examples of footage captured with the lens via on their Kickstarter page.

Check out this video shot with the Pinhole Pro X…

Expected to start shipping in November, packages to secure a Pinhole Pro X on Kickstarter start from $69 and rise to $165 for the three lens package including the Pinhole Pro X, Pinhole Pro S (a multiple aperture lens with a fixed focal length) and original Pinhole Pro, which features a fixed focal length and fixed aperture.