Meet the M-E Typ 240 – Leica’s entry-level M camera

Leica has pulled the covers off the M-E Typ 240 – the new entry-level camera from the brand’s M-range. The M-E is a mirrorless camera that serves up 24-megapixels of resolution from its full-frame CMOS sensor.

Although a big investment, nobody can deny the Leica M-E doesn’t look like a work of art.

Made in Germany, the Leica M-E Typ 240 boasts an ISO ceiling of 6400 and offers photographers a large 2GB buffer, enabling users to capture sequences without worrying about the continuous burst rate slowing down prematurely, though it should be mentioned that the Leica M-E Typ 240 limits its burst rate to 3 Frames Per Second (FPS).

The M-E Typ 240 packs a full-frame 24-megapixel CMOS sensor.

Videographers will be pleased to hear the M-E Typ 240 packs some movie making features, including the ability to capture Full HD footage and a dedicated movie ‘record’ button to aid operation. Movies and stills can be composed using the 3-inch LCD, which offers a resolution of 921k dot.

The M-E packs a 3-inch LCD to compose and review images on.

The new M-E Typ 240 feature the impressive rangefinder body style of other M cameras and is dust and water spray resistant, meaning you shouldn’t have to run for cover if a street photography session becomes interrupted by a shower.

Photography purists should love the classic body design and retro-style dials and Leica say the top and base plates are finished in an anthracite grey paint which has been developed especially for the M-E.

With a minimalist design and retro-style dials, the M-E is Leica’s entry-level M camera.

Leica say the M-E Typ 240 is ‘compact, quiet and characteristically discreet,’ and that the camera ‘allows photographers to blend into their surroundings,’ so it should be of great appeal to street photographers who want a well-built camera that will enable them to work quietly and efficiently.

The M-E is built around the Leica M bayonet mount, so there’s a decent selection of lenses to chose from and the camera will be available to buy from July. The Leica M-E Typ 240 is expected to carry a price-tag of £3,500/$3,995 though the official final price hasn’t been announced.