How Olympus photographers can shoot at 1200mm with a 300mm lens

As product launches go, news that a 2x teleconverter has come to market shouldn’t be that exciting. However, when photographers hear that it’s Olympus who have pulled the covers of its M.Zuiko Digital 2x Teleconverter MC-20, the pulse should start to quicken. This is because it opens up new creative options to what can be achieved by users of Micro Four-Third mount cameras such as those made by Olympus and Panasonic.

The new teleconverter features a rugged, weather-proof design.

For those that don’t know, Micro Four-Third cameras like the Panasonic GH5, or the new Olympus E-M1X pack Four-Third sensors, which give a 2x crop factor, effectively doubling the focal length of a lens. For example, a 24mm lens becomes 48mm, a 50mm lens translates to 100mm and a 300mm lens will give the photographer a 600mm focal length.

Using the teleconverter will double focal lengths.

So, place Olympus’ new M.Zuiko Digital 2x Teleconverter MC-20 between your camera and a compatible Olympus lens and you’ll see a double boost in focal length. For example, a photographer using the Olympus 300mm prime lens is already doubled to 600mm with the 2x crop and then doubled again via the teleconverter to 1200mm. This insane reach will be particularly of appeal to wildlife photographers who want to get frame-filling images from a distance so they don’t scare or spook a subject. What’s more, it needs to be remembered that Olympus’ cameras and lenses are already lightweight and that the teleconverter would only add a few extra grams into the equation – further enhancing the wildlife credentials for those who want reach without the weight.

The Micro Four-Thirds system means gear is ultra lightweight.

The new M.Zuiko Digital 2x Teleconverter MC-20](Olympus’ new M.Zuiko Digital 2x Teleconverter MC-20 features weatherproof construction and is dustproof, splashproof and freezeproof – in fact, it can be used in temperatures down to -10°C. The teleconverter can currently be used with a selection of Olympus glass, namely the M.Zuiko Digital ED 40-150mm F2.8 PRO and M.Zuiko Digital ED 300mm F4.0 IS PRO lenses, along with the Olympus’ M.Zuiko Digital ED 150-400mm F4.5 TC1.25x IS PRO, which is in development and expected to be launched in 2020.

Olympus shared this video with pro photographer Tesni Ward explainging the benefits of the teleconverter…

To show exactly what sort of images can be captured at such an extreme focal length, Olympus shared a number of sample images taken using the teleconverter paired with Olympus lenses. Available to buy now, the M.Zuiko Digital 2x Teleconverter MC-20 costs £399.99/$429.99

Close up images are achievable with the 2x teleconverter/ Image by Olympus
Image quality from the sample photos is impressive/ Image by Olympus
The teleconverter will help photographers capture wildlife images at a distance. Image by Olympus.