Fujifilm’s Mini LiPlay is the smartest instant camera on the planet

Fujifilm is well known for its awesome range of mirrorless cameras, such as the X-T3 and the new GFX100 megapixel monster, but the brand also offers an awesome range of instant cameras and the newest model – called the Mini LiPlay – comes with some game-changing features.

Check out Fuji’s newest Instax camera…

Dubbed a ‘hybrid instant’ camera, the Mini LiPlay is the smallest and lightest instant camera to feature in the instax series, and photos can be composed using the 2.7-inch LCD monitor and then printed onto a choice of two film formats – either Fujifilm’s CONFETTI film or the Star-illumination square format film – both of which are available in packs of 10.


The Mini LIPlay is available in three colour designs.

The Mini LiPlay offers what Fuji call ‘brightness adjustment capability based on exposure compensation’, along with six filters for processing photos,including sepia tone or monochrome so photographers can add a touch of creativity to their instant photos.


Small and light, the Mini LiPlay is suitable for fun nights out.

Instant cameras are great to carry along when you are out meeting friends and Fuji has introduced an innovative new feature that will help capture the atmosphere of the moment you snapped the image. The Mini LiPlay camera can record audio – in fact it can record up to 10 seconds of sound which is hen converted into a QR code that appears on the print. Simply scan the QR code with your phone and you can listen back to the audio and relive the memories.


A print can be made in just 12 seconds.

Thanks to Bluetooth technology, photographers can take advantage of the Direct Print mode to use the Mini LiPlay as a smartphone printer by transferring an image from the phone and printing via the camera. By downing the free “instax mini LiPlay” app, photographers can access 20 additional design frames, bringing the total number of design frames available to 30.

If you prefer not to print or have run out of print media, you can save images (which measure 2560 × 1920 pixels) to the Micro SD card (approximately 850 images fit on a 1GB card) or to the camera’s internal memory, which will hold 45 images.


The internal memory can hold around 45 images or you can save files to a Micro SD card.

Available in three colour designs (Blush Gold, Stone White and Elegant Black), the f/2 lens features a 28mm focal length and it takes around 12 seconds to make a print. The Mini LiPlay is available to buy now, although Fuji did not announce an official price.