Fuji wows with the 102-megapixel GFX100

Make a note of the date, because this is a special moment in digital photography. Fuji has just released the GFX100 – a medium format camera that breaks the 100-megapixel mark and a first for any mirrorless camera.

Need big resolution? The GFX100 serves up 102-megapixels!

Now the flagship in Fuji’s GFX line up, the GFX100 and follows on the the GFX50S and GFX50R. The specifications for this camera are breathtaking and at the heart of the camera is that all-important sensor, which measures approx. 55mm diagonal length (approximately 1.7 times larger than a 35mm full frame sensor). The back illuminated sensor features phase detection pixels, which Fuji explain is a first of its kind for image sensors larger than the 35mm full frame format and this enables autofocus to be up to twice as fast as previous GFX models.

The GFX100 has a large form factor that’s similar to a Canon 1DX in size.

Equally as special is the fact that the GFX100 is the world’s first camera with a sensor larger than full-frame to feature a five-axis IBIS (In Body Image Stabilisation) system. The sensor shift system against pitch and yaw movements and also shift (horizontal) and roll (rotational) movement too, offering a photographer up to 5.5-stops of compensation.

Check out this cool film about the GFX100…

Along with the ability to capture 16-bit RAW files, the GFX100 has some impressive video features, too and can capture 4K footage at 30p – this makes the GFX100 the world’s first mirrorless camera with a sensor larger than full-frame to offer such video specs. The camera also offers Fuji’s F-Log profile and supports H.265/HEVC codec, too.

An additional top plate LCD displays information.

As mentioned, the GFX100 uses a phase detection autofocus system and this makes use of 3.76 million (yes, million) phase detection pixels, placed across the entire sensor. Fuji say this achieves a speed improvement of up to 210% over the conventional contrast AF system. The GFX100 also offers Face and Eye detection AF modes, which will please portrait photographers.

The GFX100 is the first medium format mirrorless to feature IBIS.

The GFX100’s EVF can be set to the “Frame Rate Priority,” “Resolution Priority” or “AF Speed Priority” mode and the 3.2 inch 2.36 million dot touchscreen LCD that can be tilted to three directions. Because there’s an integrated grip, the GFX100 can hold two batteries, extending the capacity to offer 800 shots between charges.

Available from the end of June, the GFX100 carries a hefty price-tag of £9,999.