Canon 90D rumoured specs are mind-blowing

Think DSLRs are dead and mirrorless are the future? Well, if these rumoured specifications about Canon’s 80D replacement are true, then this forthcoming camera may well change your opinion.

All the talk and hype recently has been around a replacement for Canon’s flagship crop-sensor camera, the 7D MkII, but internet rumour sites are now reporting leaked specs for the 80D’s replacement – thought to be called the 90D. This line has traditionally been one rung below the 7D series but, if true, these specifications could nudge the 90D towards pro territory.

The 80D was launched back in 2016 and its replacement is rumoured to sport a 32-MP APS-C sensor.

So let’s cut to the chase and see exactly what is rumoured to be special about this camera. Well, first up is the sensor which, while remaining as a APS-C crop sensor, is expected to offer a whopping 32-megapixels of resolution. This would make the 90D the highest-resolution APS-C sensor camera of all time! Rumours suggest the sensor will be paired with Canon’s DIGIC 8 processor unit to enable a burst rate of 10 Frames Per Second (up from 7FPS on the 80D), making it suitable for both sports and wildlife photography.

The rumours continue by suggesting the 90D could make excellent use of that burst rate thanks to the inclusion of Canon’s acclaimed Dual Pixel autofocus technology. Reports claim images and video will be recorded to dual SD cards (up from a single SD card on the 80D), enabling photographers to choose to record stills to one card and video to the other, or to make an instant back-up to the second card.

Rumoured to shoot 4K 60p video, the 90D could be a big hit with videographers.

And, talking of video, the rumours suggest the 90D could offer 4K video at 24,25,30 and even 60p. What’s more, the 90D is expected to feature a 3.2-inch fully-articulating LCD, which would make this camera of interest to Vloggers or as a potential B-camera to indie film-makers.

What’s really impressive about the rumoured specs is that there was even a price-tag mentioned, suggesting the 90D (or whatever the camera comes to be called) would sell at $1399, puting it firmly in the reach of aspiring photographers. While we’ll have to wait and see if the rumours are on the money, the waiting won’t be that long as the camera is expected to surface in August. What do you think about the rumoured specs and what else would you like to see on a camera like the 90D?

Rumours suggest an 80D replacement could arrive in August.