Are DJI about to launch an action camera?

DJI has sent the internet into meltdown as rumours gather pace that the market-leading drone manufacturer could be about to launch its first-ever full-on action camera.

Internet rumour sites have started reporting that the intense battle between DJI and GoPro (the current market leader in action cameras) is set to be cranked up to maximum as DJI look to launch an action camera rival to the GoPro. Often rumour sites can be wide of the mark, but more substance was added to the rumours after DJI shared a teaser photo on its social media platforms, showcasing a launch date accompanied by an underwater image.

DJI posted this teaser image to its Facebook page…

This would suggest that whatever DJI plan to launch will have tough, rugged and waterproof features, and although some have suggested it could be an underwater drone, all signs point to it more likely being some sort of compact action camera.

Are DJI about to take on GoPro’s awesome Hero 7 Black camera?

Now, this is not the first time the two brands will have locked horns before, as GoPro launched the Karma drone a couple of years ago, only to exit the drone market soon after. What’s more, DJI’s excellent Osmo Pocket, which has won critical acclaim from photographers and videographers around the world, has already proved that DJI can packed impressive specifications into a tiny camera.

DJI has already won plaudits for its impressive Osmo Pocket camera.

That said, if DJI do bring an action camera to market, it will face stiff competition; not only from the excellent GoPro Hero7 Black (the brand’s current flagship model), but also from a whole host of rivals, including Sony’s popular RX0 II camera and more affordable action camera models, such as Apeman’s 20-megapixel TRAWO camera.

Any new action camera would also face competition from rivals such as Sony’s RX0 II.

The launch date on the teaser image has been scheduled for May 15, so photographers don’t have long to wait until the new release. What specifications would you like to see from a DJI action camera?