6 reasons you should go on a photowalk!

Photowalks have become more and more popular over the last few years. While the actually photowalks have been around a lot longer, but it’s the rise of social media that has aiding organising, increased numbers and made these walks more accessible to every photographer out there.

Having had the opportunity to lead a number of photo walks, I believe these activities are one of the best things photographers can take part in and here’s six reasons to back this up…

One – Try out new kit:

Photowalks are often organised by brands to give introduce new products to photographers. They know that if they get a camera into a photographers hands, there’s a good chance they’ll love the new model and hand over some cash. The advantage for the photographer is they can try before they buy and often be some of the first to try out the camera as soon as it’s launched.

Photowalks can help you try out kit before handing over money.

Two – Safety in numbers:

Many photographers are confident enough to walk around a busy city environment on their own with a camera. However, many who are perhaps less familiar with city environments may appreciate buddying up with like-minded creatives and that’s exactly what photowalks are all about.

Three – Expert tuition:

Book a small group tuition day with a professional photographer and it could cost you a fair amount. Book a one-to-one session and it will cost even more. However, photowalks are a fantastic way to get some great hints and tips on the cheap. The majority of photowalks are hosted for a nominal fee (typically around £20/$20), but a huge amount of photowalks are completely free – just show up and learn.

Cropped photo of young african walking man along a street
Teaming up with other photographers can help you feel safer in city environments.

Four – Share skills:

There’s a first time for everyone, so once you become a regular photo walker, it presents a great opportunity to share skills with those experience the activity for the first time. There is always something else to learn so you may discover you learn a new technique or a feature on your camera that you didn’t know about.

Five – Discover new places:

Photography is about exploring new areas, but these days photographers are often restricted to shooting from public land as anyone who has tried taking pictures in Central London only to be accosted by security guards will testify. Organised photowalks often get special access to locations that are usually out of bounds to the general public, offering photographers a one-off opportunity to shoot scenes they would otherwise miss out on.

Couple making photo on camera outdoors
Portrait of a happy couple making photo on camera outdoors

Along with the social aspect, photowalks can get you access to new locations.

Six – Increased motivation:

Ultimately, photowalks give you the time and opportunity to work on your photography with the added safety net of having tuition on hand. Motivation can be a crucial factor when it comes to image-making, and it’s likely you’ll come home with a much fuller memory card of images thanks to a photowalk, rather than wandering around a city by yourself. You’ll see other photographers capturing compositions that you may have otherwise missed, plus you’ll have a lot of fun so give photowalks a go.