Colourful COOLPIX W150 is ready for anything

Nikon has dived into the holiday compact camera market with the launch of the COOLPIX W150. The camera sports a CMOS sensor with an effective resolution of 13.2 megapixels, offers a 3x optical zoom lens and ensures worry-free shooting thanks to its waterproof and shockproof design. Kids and adults alike can shoot away safe in the knowledge that they’re using a camera that’s waterproof to 10m and shockproof up to 1.8m. It will also keep shooting in temperatures as low as -10°C so whether you’re going on a sunny beach break or heading to the mountains on a ski-ing trip, the COOLPIX W150 could be the ideal companion.


We said they were colourful! This is the Resort option of the COOLPIX W150

Available in five vibrant colours – white, flower, orange, resort and blue – the W150 is more than just a pretty face and has a useful range of functions to help you get great pictures while you’re away. There’s a dedicated underwater shooting mode, plus Underwater Face Framing, which is essentially underwater face detection, along with a Clarity option that corrects the blue cast so often associated with shooting under the waves.

There are also some in-camera creative functions that enable you to create eye-catching effects including picture-in-picture, collage from multiple shots and an option that creates circular images that look like mini planets. Probably ones for the kids – or the inner kid in you.


On each model, the buttons are colour-coded to the camera body, too

An easy to follow graphical user interface means the COOLPIX W150 is simple for photographic novices to use, plus camera controls can be customised and, if you’re still concerned about your kids running riot with the camera, you can even limit the number of functions available for them to access.


The layout is simple, so anyone can shoot with the camera

The 3x optical zoom lens is enhanced by the Dynamic Fine Zoom function which adds in a digital zoom capability to extend the range to 6x, while the Target Finding AF option leaves the camera to automatically detect and focus on the main subject. There’s also built in electronic vibration reduction so wobbly hands are less likely to spoil precious holiday memories.

Families wanting to capture video memories of their trips are also well catered for with the COOLPIX W150 offering Full HD movie capture at 30P and stereo sound at the touch of the dedicated movie button. And once you’ve finished taking shots, you can instantly make everyone back home jealous by sharing your shots using the Nikon SnapBridge app via compatible iOS and Android devices.


Waterproof and shockproof design makes for worry-free photography