Sony’s animal eye AF technology is straight-up magic

Hey Sony shooters, own the a7 III or a7R III? If the answer is yes, then you’re going to benefit from the latest firmware upgrade for the cameras that introduces a new autofocus mode that could well have been borrowed from a science-fiction film

Along with Real-Time Eye AF and Interval shooting, the Version 3.0 update introduces Real Time Eye AF for Animals. Yep, that’s right, a dedicated autofocus mode that will pinpoint the eye of an animal you line up in front of the lens to help you get sharper images of your furry subject.

The Eye AF for animals technology will make pet portraiture easier…

Wildlife photographers will be well aware of how tricky it can be to get a wildlife subject super sharp using a conventional AF system. From dark fur or elongated muzzles flummoxing AF systems, a great shot can be missed, or worse still, turn out blurry, but Sony’s Real Time Eye AF for Animals uses algorithms to bypass any issues and successfully track the animal’s eye. Although the V3.0 update will allow Eye AF for cats and dogs, further updates will enable photographers to use the technology with a wider variety of animal subjects.

The obvious question is; does this technology actually work or is it somewhat of a gimmick? Well, Sony has headed off any doubts by releasing a video showing the AF system working on a dog and the performance is quite spectacular.

Watch the Eye AF for Animals technology at work…

Sony also announced it had beefed up the Eye AF (for people) technology with AI algorithms that would help the cameras discover and focus on a human eye faster and more accurately – a particularly useful feature for those photographers shooting a lot of portraits.

The Interval Shooting mode upgrade now enables the a7 III or a7R III to capture up to 9999 images in a pre-set sequence, which will enable photographers to create amazing time-lapses. The V3.0 firmware update is free to download and can be accessed here.

The Interval mode will help you shoot timelapse creations…