Lab-Box Will Let You Develop Film On The Go

Film fans can feel a little less shackled to their darkrooms with the announcement of Lab-Box. A portable tool that allows the development of both 135mm and 120mm film in bright light.

The brainchild of Switzerland/Italy based imagery equipment gurus Ars-Imago, the Lab-Box is an awesome piece of kit for those looking to learn about working with film. While traditional development techniques require strict environmental controls, specifically in regards to light (which can damage untreated film stock), the Lab-Box allows users to load in their film and develop in any location. That claim is bolstered by the handy size of the thing, which resembles a lunch box in size.

The process for using Lab-Box looks incredibly simple, so that a child (under supervision of course, what with the chemicals) could do it. That seems to be the plan with a high focus on the product being its educational value. Professional film photographers will of course have proper darkroom or lab set ups but for the newbs out there, it’s a delightful product.

Crowdfunding for the Lab-Box film development tank launched on Kickstarter only today and has already crushed its €70,000 (US$73549) goal. At point of writing, the amount earned is over €188,200 (US$197,700) and with 34 days to go, is a certified success. That isn’t too surprising considering the relatively cheap €79 (US$83) price tag for it. Honestly, we can’t wait to get hold of one come the official shipping date in September.

You can check out more details about the Kicktsarter here