DJI’s Limited Edition Drone Will Make You Feel Like Iron Man

DJI is the market leader in the drone industry and already offers a range of cool models, including the Spark and Mavic 2 Pro drones, but the brand has just brought out a new limited edition drone that will help photographers become virtual superheros.

Get ready to fly like a hero!

The Tello Iron Man Edition has a design that’s heavily influenced by Tony Stark’s iconic Iron Man armour. What’s more, the drone is accompanied by a new flight control app featuring Iron Man’s AI assistant, FRIDAY, who featured in the popular Marvel films The limited edition drone is the result of a collaboration between DJI, RYZE Tech and Marvel, but the there’s even more to the joint venture than the cool armour design…

The design of the Tello drone mirrors Tony Stark’s Iron Man armour.

In fact, the Tello drone is accompanied by a new immersive Tello Hero app, which DJI explains; ‘Learn the fundamental skills of flying through training missions as a new recruit of Stark Industries’ PILOT program with the help of FRIDAY. Providing guided voice instructions for each mission, FRIDAY helps teach basic flying, camera operation and how to use the intelligent flight modes by dodging incoming missiles and tracking potential suspects.’

The Tello Hero App aims to teach basic drone skills in a fun way.

The app sounds like a fun way to learn the basic skills of drone flying and the Tello drone can be controlled several ways including using a mobile device with the Tello Hero App, Tello App, Tello EDU App or Swift Playground App, or by connecting it with a compatible third-party Bluetooth remote control. The Tello drone can also capture 5-megapixel stills or 720p video with real-time video transmission to the mobile device.

The DJI Tello can shoot 5-megapixel stills and 720p video.

The Tello is one of DJI’s most manovable drones, capable of performing flips and can also be launched by tossing it up in the air. With a flight time of 13 minutes, the Tello also features soft propellers, propeller guards and a collision detection system. Available to buy now, the Tello Iron Man Edition is priced at $129/€139/£129.

The fun drone can perform flips and has a battery life of 13 minutes.