Canon Gets Ready To Party With Two Instant Cameras


While everyone was expecting Canon’s next new cameras to be another edition to the mirrorless R lineup, the brand has thrown photographers a curveball, with the release of not one, but two instant cameras.

Named the IVY Cliq and IVY Cliq+ (or the Zoemini C and Zoemini S in Europe), the cameras can make 2×3-inch (5×7.6cm) prints using Zink sticky-backed photo paper, appealing to the photographer who wants instant prints on occasions such as a night out with friends.

The new instant cameras build on the success of Canon’s Zoemini printer, which was launched in 2018.

The IVY Cliq/Zoemini C features a 5-megapixel sensor, while the IVY Cliq +/Zoemini S features an 8-megapixel sensor and multiple images can also be shot and stored to a Micro SD card. The cameras are backed up by a free app that, thanks to Bluetooth technology, enables users to scroll through saved images, select one and send it to print from the camera.

Images can be stored on a Micro SD card and each camera holds 10 sheets of paper.

Both cameras hold 10 sheets of paper and extra media can be purchased in packs of 20 or 50. The Cliq+/Zoemini C features a front-mounted mirror and ring-light (with four or eight LEDs selectable), while Cliq/Zoemini S users will have to make do with just the front-mounted mirror for their selfies.

The Cinq+/Zoemini S features a LED ring-light for perfect selfies.

To get more creative, Canon says photographers can take advantage of an array of ‘filters and frames’ to add a personal touch to the prints. The cameras are also available in a range of colours, such as bubble gum pink, bumblebee yellow, mint green and seaside blue.

Frames and filters can be added to images and then printed on the sticky-back 2×3-inch prints.

Available from late April, the Canon Cliq+/Zoemini S will cost $159.99 or £149.99/€179.99, while the Cliq/Zoemini C is priced at $99.99 or £109.99/ €129.99.