Lensbaby Launches The Edge 35 – Here’s What It Can Do


Lensbaby is back with another cool optic to help you add some creativity to your photos. The brand, who already make popular lenses like the Sol 45Sweet 35 and Spark, have added a new optic to the range. The Edge 35 is a 35mm f/3.5 tilting lens that can be used with the Composer Pro II and Lensbaby say the optic is ‘designed for those looking for a wider focal length to create unique in-camera shots with a slice of tack-sharp focus and detail.’

Check out this video introducing the Edge 35mm…

Available for Canon EFNikon FSony EFuji X, and Micro 4/3 interchangeable lens cameras, Lensbaby explain that the Edge 35mm Optic is also available separately for anyone who already owns a Lensbaby Composer Pro or Composer Pro II lens body.

The lens can be used on full-frame, APS-C and MFT cameras.

With an internal 8-blade aperture design, the lens can focus from 7” from the front element to infinity and offers up to 15 degrees of tilt along with an aperture range of f/3.5 – f/22. The Composer Pro II with Edge 35 Optic will be available from April for $449.95, or by itself as an Optic for those who already own a Composer series lens, for $249.95.

The Lensbaby Edge 35 adds a tilt effect to the frame.

So what look exactly can this lens combo help photographers achieve? Well, Lensbaby have released a number of sample images to show what the optic can do.

The lens keeps a zone of sharpness while blurring the rest of the frame.

The tilting effect can make a landscape scene look like a toytown.

The Lensbaby can breath new life into well-known scenes.