Is Olympus Building A Supersize Sports Camera?

Compared to its rivals such as Panasonic and SonyOlympus has had a pretty quiet 2018, with nothing noteworthy brought to the table during the Photokina Show in Germany. However, if there’s any substance in reports from multiple rumour sites, it appears Olympus could be about to launch something big…and we mean literally big!

The brand is well known for its superb range of Micro Four-Thirds cameras, such as the E-M1 MkIIE-PL9 and E-M5 MkII, that offer big features in compact, lightweight bodies that makes them ideal for travel photography. But reports about an upcoming Olympus camera, so far named the IM010, could see the brand depart from that tried and tested compact form factor.


Olympus is well known for its range of mirrorless that offer compct dimensions.

The latest news on the camera suggests it will feature dimensions of 144.37mm x 146.765mm x 75.345mm. This tells us two important things; firstly that this is much bigger than any other camera in the Olympus range.


Could the IM010 be a pro camera for sports and wildlife photographers?

For example the dimensions of the E-PL9 are 117.1 x 68 x 39mm and the current flagship model (the E-M1 MkII) measures 134.1 x 90.9 x 68.9mm. Secondly, and perhaps more importantly, the news about the dimensions tells us that the IM010 would have an almost square form factor.

Typically, cameras with square form factors feature a built-in vertical grip, making them ideal for sports and wildlife photography. Better known examples of this design are cameras like Canon’s 1DX MkII and Nikon D5 – both of which are used by professional action photographers.


The IM010 could offer a form factor similar to the Canon 1DX MkII.

Although further details are thin on the ground, Olympus has confirmed it will make a big announcement in May 2019 – which is actually when the next Photokina Show will take place as the event switches from a bi-annual event to an annual show. This would be a well-timed launch for Olympus as it would also coincide with the brand celebrating its 100th year.