Here’s How You Can Now Edit Canon RAW Files on your iPad

Ever been out and about with the camera and want to edit your images, but don’t have immediate access to a computer? It’s a familiar experience for most photographers and means you can often endure a frustrating wait to create a finished image.

Well, Canon may have the solution as the brand has launched a new app that will help photographers on the move edit their RAW files. The Digital Photo Professional Express (DPP Express) app works with Canon’s Camera Connect app and enables photographers to edit JPEGs and .CR3 RAW files.

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Photographers can view images and adjust settings using an iPad before saving photos either to the cloud, the camera or a computer using Wi-Fi via Canon’s Camera Connect app. The app can also be used to control the camera remotely, enabling users to change exposure settings or apply GPS data.


Adjustments like Tone Curve, Picture Settings and White Balance can be adjusted.

So exactly which adjustments does DPP Express allow photographers to edit using their iPads? Tone Curves, Picture Settings, Brightness and Gamma Adjustment levels, Lens Correction and even White Balance can be tweaked. What’s more, Noise reduction and Sharpness, along with Hue and Saturation can also be adjusted.

To save time on editing, photographers can apply identical sets of corrections various images using the Edit Histories feature, which will enable users to achieve the same ‘look’ at speed. DPP Express is compatible with iPads using iOS 11 and can be downloaded from the App Store.