Watch Sony Show Off the Sharpness of the 24mm f/1.4 G Master Lens


Sony photographers now have another awesome lens to add to their kit bags after the brand announced the addition of the FE 24mm F1.4 GM – a prime wide-angle lens that’s part of Sony’s acclaimed G Master series.

To show the lens in action, Sony put together a video that shows the resolution power of the 24mm, especially when used at its maximum f/1.4 aperture and examples of the sort of awesome bokeh this lens is capable of producing.

Check out the features of the 24mm f/1.4

Despite featuring premium glass and a fast f/1.4 aperture, the new 24mm GM lens boasts remarkably compact dimensions – measuring just 75.4mm x 92.4mm and tipping the scales at only 445g. These compact specs make the lens suitable for pairing with Sony’s APS-C sensor cameras, such as the a6500 and a6300, where the effective focal length jumps to around 36mm.

Here’s how the 24mm lens looks when paired with a Sony a6500.

Sony says the 24mm lens is built around a design that features 10 groups with 13 elements, complete with two XA (extreme aspherical) elements and three ED (Extra-low Dispersion) elements. The XA elements suppress sagittal flare from light sources, which makes the lens a good choice for astrophotographer, along with its more obviously applications for landscape and street photography.

With a fast f/1.4 maximum aperture, the lens is compact, weighing just 445g.

The has an extremely close focusing distance of just 0.24 metres (0.79ft) and an aperture click switch allows photographers to enable or disable click stops as required, making the lens suitable for video use, too.

A closer look at the click switch on the 24mm GM.

Sony explains the compact dimensions of the lens were made possible by the new new high power DDSSM (Direct Drive SSM) motor which is said to deliver around three times greater thrust than the previous motor. The FE 24mm F1.4 GM is schedule to ship from October and will cost photographers around €1,600.