The M10-P is the First Leica to Feature a Touchscreen

New ninja-spec Leica is perfect for street photography

Leica has pulled the covers off the M10-P – a new version of the brand’s full-frame, 24-megapixel CMOS sensor M10 rangefinder camera that aims to offer street photographers a new level of discretion when taking images.

The new M10-P is perfect for street photography.

To help ensure street photographers can capture those candid, unposed frames, the Leica M10-P features what Leicas says is ‘an extremely low noise level of its shutter and the quietest shutter release of all M-Cameras ever built.’ Amazingly, this actually makes the M10-P digital M-Camera that is even more discreet than its analogue predecessors.

The famous red dot is missing to avoid attracting attention.

But it’s not just the noise of the shutter that makes the M10-P discreet as the design has had a makeover too. Unusually, the famous Leica red dot is missing from the minimalist body, with only discreet Leica lettering on its top plate and the hot shoe cover in metal merging seamlessly into the design of the top plate.

The M1-P features a touch-sensitive LCD – a first for an M-series camera.

Also new is a touch-sensitive LCD – a first for an M-series rangefinder. Leica call the feature ‘touch-function’, which enables faster checking of the plane of focus in Live-View and Review mode, along with a pinch-and-zoom feature to magnify images in review. What’s more, the M10-P also features an integrated levelling aid to help nail level horizons and avoid additional work in post-processing.

All this goodness will set you back £6,500!

Available in a choice of black chrome and silver chrome finishes, the M10-P shares the rest of its specifications with the original M10, including built-in Wi-Fi, an Maestro-II image processor and a burst mode rate of 5FPS. All these cool features do mean the Leica M10-P comes with a heavy price-tag of £6,500.