The 10 Most Paw-Some Dog Photos of The Year

Dogs are man’s best friend, but they also make for excellent photography subjects. There’s so many differently shaped and sized breeds to photograph and, unlike human models, you only have to supply them with a biscuit as a thank for for posing.

For dog photographers, the number one contest worth winning is the Kennel Club’s Photography awards. Now in its 13th year, 2018’s contest saw over 10000 entries from around 70 different countries and attracted the very best dog photography on the planet.

This year’s overall winner title went to Dutch photographer Monica van der Maden, who’s striking image of a Great Dane looking wistfully in a beautifully lit forrest also took top spot in the ‘Oldies’ category too.


This great image of a Great Dane took top honours in the Kennel Club photo contest. Image by Monica van der Maden

The categories in the competition covered a wide range of genres, including assistance dogs, dogs at work and, of course, puppies, so let’s take a look at some of the cutest images from the other winning and commended photos from the contest…

Showing that dog’s really are a man’s best friend, British photographer Dean Mortimer captured this image showing the close bond between dog and handler.


Image by Dean Mortimer

First place in the ‘Dogs At Play’ category went to Israel-based photographer Elinor Roizman for this delightful capture showing the dogs enjoying time at the beach.


Image by Elinor Roizman

Tracy Kidd from the UK took top honours in the hotly-contested ‘Dogs At Work’ category for her image of a truck full of spaniels and retrievers, showing excellent direction to get all seven dogs looking at the lens.


Image by Tracy Kidd

Joana Matos, a photographer from Portugal took first place in the ‘Man’s Best Friend’ category. Joana capture this cute images using a Nikon D7000, paired with a 17-70mm lens.


Image by Joana Matos

This fine-art capture of three Retrievers by UK photographer Carol Durrant took first place in the Portrait category and was taken with an iPhone 6 during an autumn walk.


Image by Carol Durrant

First place in the Puppies category went to Klaus Dyba from Germany for this stunning studio portrait of an Italian Greyhound, which was captured using a Phase One camera.


Image by Klaus Dyba

The ‘Rescue Dog & Dog Charities’ category is the newest category in the contest and first place was taken by Sonya Kolb from the United States for the image entitled; ‘Found My Way Home’. The subject is a dog called Cooper – a Labrador Retriever Mix and a rescue dog.


Image by Sonya Kolb

Claiming third place in the ‘Puppies’ category was US photographer Robin Pope for the image entitled; “Let’s call it Roly Poly Puppy”. Robin shot the image using a Canon 5D MkIV and captured the unique perspective by using a 12mm focal length.


Image by Robin Pope.

One of the most jaw-dropping images was Christina Roemmelt’s photo, which took third place in the ‘Rescue Dogs’ category with her shot entitled; ‘Over the sea of fog’. The image shows her don Dania, a cross breed Portuguese Podengo rescue dog joining Christina and her husband on a hike to the summit of a mountain in Senja, Norway.


Image by Christina Roemmelt