How and When to Sell your Camera for the Best Price

Cars, phones, games consoles…Let’s face it, it’s always nice to upgrade and have a new model bursting at the seams with the latest features. And, it’s no different with cameras – especially as brands are releasing new models and updates at a faster rate than ever. But for most of us, we need to sell our current camera before we can invest in a newer model. While it’s true that cameras depreciate over time, there’s still a number of things you can do to get the best deal for your older camera.


When it’s time to upgrade, some simple steps will get you more money for your camera. Image by Chuttersnap/Unsplash

1 – Sell at the right time:

The time you sell the camera will have an effect on its price. The newer the camera, the more money you will be able to sell it for, giving you more to spend on your next buy. What does directly affect the value of your camera is if it has been superseded by a newer model, as this will make it less desirable. One wise move is to keep track of which cameras are on their way via photography news websites. If rumours increase about a new camera on route that will replace your camera, then that is a clever time to sell and get a reasonable return.


New cameras seem to be launched every week, so keep track to see if your camera is set to be replaced.

2 – Get the camera serviced:

Just like a car, potential buyers will be more inclined to buy a used camera if they know it’s been well looked after. Paying for a service to the camera where the sensor is cleaned does mean outlaying cash on a camera you’re about to sell, but this will balance out as a recently-serviced camera will command a higher fee than one that has been neglected. Along with cleaning the sensor, spend some time cleaning the exterior of the camera, and pay particular attention to areas like the LCD, which often gets covered in fingermarks.


Look after the camera (and its sensor) and you’ll get more money when you sell.

3 – Be honest with the description:

Potential buyers will be wary of cameras listed with little or no description and the best approach is to be honest about the camera’s details and condition. List any scuffs and scratches as this will avoid any awkward conversations with the buyer if they feel you have misled them.

4 – Offer some extras:

One way of securing a higher fee for the camera you are trying to sell is to include some additional accessories in the sale, especially if you’ll no longer have any further use for them. For example, if you have a stack of CF cards, and the next camera your buying only accepts SD card, it makes sense to include these in the sale. Another example could be including any crop sensor lenses if you are trading up to a full frame camera as these are unlikely to be compatible. Put yourself in the shoes of a potential buyer and think, which camera would you buy; one that comes with memory cards and lenses or the same camera that comes with nothing?

5 – Make the camera look its best:

If you are going to advertise the camera for sale on websites, spend some time on the photos. There’s nothing worse than seeing a camera for sale that’s just been dropped down among clutter, poorly lit and with no consideration. Instead, add a professional touch by shooting the camera against a nice clean, white background and remember to lay out and include in the frame everything that is included in the sale – for example, the original box and manual, cables and chargers and any extra batteries or additional accessories.


Take your time to create a pro looking image to show exactly what you are selling and you’ll achieve a high fee for your camera.